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Carl Pfeiffer

Carl Pfeiffer was a United States architect. more »

Carl Schmidt

. Carl Schmidt was a Russian architect and philatelist of German descent. He was born in St... more »

Carl von Gontard

Carl von Gontard was a German architect; he worked primarily in Berlin, Potsdam, and... more »

Carl Westman

Ernst Carl Westman was a Swedish architect and interior designer. He was an early adopter of the... more »

Carl-Axel Acking

Carl-Axel Acking was a Swedish architect, author and furniture designer, winner of the Lunning... more »

Carles Buigas

Carles Buïgas i Sans was a Catalan architect, engineer, inventor and author. more »

Carlo Aymonino

Carlo Aymonino was an Italian architect and urban planner best known for the Monte Amiata... more »

Carlo Borella

Carlo Borella was an Italian architect of the 17th century. He designed churches in Vicenza and... more »

Carlo di Castellamonte

Carlo di Castellamonte was an Italian architect, civil and military engineer, one of the main... more »

Carlo Fontana

Carlo Fontana was an Italian architect, who was in part responsible for the classicizing... more »

Carlo Lodoli

Carlo Lodoli was an Italian architectural theorist, Franciscan priest, mathematician and... more »

Carlo Lurago

Carlo Lurago was an Italian architect, who was most active in Prague. He was born in Pellio... more »

Carlo Maderno

Carlo Maderno was a Swiss-Italian architect, born in Ticino, who is remembered as one of the... more »

Carlo Magnani

Graduated in architecture from the University IUAV, where he is currentlyProfessor... more »

Carlo Marchionni

Carlo Marchionni was an Italian architect. He was also a sculptor and a virtuoso draughtsman,... more »

Carlo Mollino

Carlo Mollino was an Italian architect and designer. more »

Carlo Pincherle

Carlo Pincherle was an architect and a painter. more »

Carlo Promis

Carlo Promis was an Italian architect and architectural historian and a proponent of... more »

Carlo Rossi

Carlo di Giovanni Rossi, was an Italian architect, who worked the major portion of his life in... more »

Carlo Scarpa

Carlo Scarpa, was an Italian architect, influenced by the materials, landscape, and the history... more »

Carlo Simi

Carlo Simi was an Italian architect, production designer and costume designer, who worked... more »

Carlo Spinola

Blessed Charles Spinola, also known as Carlo Spinola, was an Jesuit missionary from Genoa,... more »

Carlo Vanvitelli

Architect son of the more famous Luigi Vanvitelli more »

Carlo Weber

Carlo Weber was a German architect and professor, the founder and senior partner of... more »

Carlos A. Santos-Viola

Carlos Antonio Santos-Viola was an architect in the Philippines. He is best known for designing... more »

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