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Derek Walker

Derek John Walker is a British architect primarily associated with urban planning and leisure... more »

Derek Wilson

Derek John Wilson is a New Zealand architect. He was active in Wellington. He is also known as... more »

Detlef Lienau

Detlef Lienau was a German architect born in Holstein. He is credited with having introduced the... more »

Detmar Blow

Detmar Jellings Blow was a British architect of the early 20th century, who designed principally... more »

DeWitt H. Fessenden

DeWitt Harvey Fessenden was an American architect, critic, sketch artist, and author of The Life... more »

Dezső Lauber

Dezső Lauber was a Hungarian all-round sportsman and architect. He was born in Pécs and died in... more »

Diana Agrest

Diana I. Agrest is an American architect, urban designer, and architecture and urban design... more »

Diana Kołakowska

Diana Kołakowska-Kwaśny is the wife of actor Marcin Kwaśny. more »

Dick Clark

Dick Clark is the principal of the firm Dick Clark Architecture located in Austin, Texas. more »

Dick Nugent

Dick Nugent is a golf course developer and architect from Illinois. He graduated from the... more »

Diego de Riaño

Diego de Riaño was a Spanish architect of the Renaissance. He was one of the most outstanding... more »

Diego Maroto

Fray Diego Maroto was the most important Peruvian architect of the second half of the 17th... more »

Diego Siloe

Diego Siloe or Diego de Siloé was a Spanish Renaissance architect and sculptor, progenitor of... more »

Diego Suarez

Diego Suarez was a garden designer known for his work at James Deering's Villa Vizcaya in Miami,... more »

Dieter Oesterlen

Dieter Oesterlen was German architect. He re-built the Leineschloss, the Marktkirche, and the... more »

Dietmar Feichtinger

Dietmar Feichtinger is an Austrian architect established since 1989 in Paris. Feichtinger was... more »

Dimitrije T. Leko

Dimitrije T. Leko was a renowned Serbian architect and urbanist. He spent most of his life... more »

Dimitris Pikionis

Dimitris Pikionis or Demetrios Pikionis was a major Greek architect of the 20th century and had... more »

Dimitris Potiropoulos

Dimitris Potiropoulos was born in Athens in 1953. He is the son of Rigas and Aliki. He studied... more »


Dinocrates of Rhodes was a Greek architect and technical adviser for Alexander the Great. He is... more »

Dinu Patriciu

Dan Costache "Dinu" Patriciu is a billionaire businessman and entrepreneur with a long standing... more »

Diogo de Arruda

Diogo de Arruda was a noted Portuguese architect active during the early years of the 16th... more »

Diogo de Azambuja

Diogo de Azambuja was a Portuguese noble. He was a knight of the Order of Aviz in the service of... more »

Diogo de Boitaca

Diogo de Boitaca was an influential architect and engineer of some of the most important... more »

Dion Neutra

Dion Neutra is a modernist / International style American architect and consultant who worked... more »

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