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Edmond T. Parkin

Edmond T. Parkin was a landscape architect and partner of his brother's firm John Parkin and... more »

Edmond van Saanen Algi

Edmond van Saanen Algi was a Dutch-born Romanian architect, painter, and stage designer. more »

Edmund Anscombe

Edmund Anscombe was one of the most important figures to shape the architectural and urban... more »

Edmund Bacon

Edmund Norwood Bacon was a noted American urban planner, architect, educator and author. During... more »

Edmund Beckett, 1st Baron Grimthorpe

Edmund Beckett, 1st Baron Grimthorpe QC, known previously as Sir Edmund Beckett, 5th Baronet and... more »

Edmund Blacket

Edmund Thomas Blacket was an Australian architect, best known for his designs for the University... more »

Edmund Burke

Edmund Burke was a highly regarded Canadian architect best known for building Toronto's Prince... more »

Edmund George Lind

Edmund George Lind was an English-born American architect, active in Baltimore, Atlanta, and the... more »

Edmund Kirby

Edmund Kirby was an English architect. He was born in Liverpool, and educated at Oscott College... more »

Edmund M. Wheelwright

Edmund March Wheelwright was one of New England's most important architects in the late... more »

Edmund Sedding

Edmund Sedding was an English architect and musician. more »

Edmund Sharpe

Edmund Sharpe was an English architect, architectural historian, railway engineer, and sanitary... more »

Edmund William Wright

Edmund William Wright was a London-born Australian architect, engineer and businessman who was... more »

Edmund Woolley

Edmund Woolley was an Anglo-American architect and master carpenter. He was responsible for... more »

Edmundas Benetis

Edmundas Benetis is a Lithuanian architect. more »

Édouard André

Édouard François André was a French horticulturalist, landscape designer, as well as a leading... more »

Edouard Autant

Edouard Autant was an architect. more »

Édouard Deperthes

Pierre Joseph Édouard Deperthes was a French architect. more »

Eduard Cuypers

Eduard Cuypers was a Dutch architect. Cuypers was trained in the architectural practice of his... more »

Eduard Knoblauch

Eduard Knoblauch was a German architect. Eduard Knoblauch was born in his family's house on... more »

Eduard Mezger

Friedrich Eduard Mezger was a Bavarian architect, painter, professor, and a high civil officer... more »

Eduard Petzold

Carl Eduard Adolph Petzold was a German landscape gardener. more »

Eduard Riedel

Eduard Riedel was a German architect and Bavarian government building officer. Among other... more »

Eduard Rökk

Eduard Rökk was an architect and father of Marika Rökk. more »

Eduard Schönecker

Erich Eduard "Edi" Schönecker was an Austrian athlete, football player, and architect. He... more »

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