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Friedrich Grünanger

Friedrich Grünanger was an Austro-Hungarian architect who worked primarily in Bulgaria. Born in... more »

Friedrich Heinrich Stöckhardt

Friedrich Heinrich Stöckhardt was a German architect. more »

Friedrich Hitzig

Georg Friedrich Heinrich Hitzig was a German architect, born into the Jewish Itzig family,... more »

Friedrich Lahrs

Johann Ludwig Friedrich Lahrs was a German architect and professor. more »

Friedrich Ludwig Persius

Friedrich Ludwig Persius was a Prussian architect and a student of Karl Friedrich... more »

Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell

Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell was a German landscape gardener from Weilburg an der Lahn. Sckell... more »

Friedrich St. Florian

Friedrich St.Florian is an Austrian-American architect. He was born Friedrich St.Florian Gartler... more »

Friedrich Sustris

Friedrich Sustris was a German-Dutch painter, decorator and architect. He was a son of the... more »

Friedrich von Schmidt

Friedrich von Schmidt was an architect who worked in late 19th century Vienna. After studying at... more »

Friedrich Walser

Swiss architect, pupil of Gottfried Semper at the Technical University Zürich. more »

Friedrich Wilhelm von Erdmannsdorff

Friedrich Wilhelm Freiherr von Erdmannsdorff was a German architect and architectural... more »

Friedrich Zollinger

Friedrich Zollinger, also known as Fritz Zollinger was a German architect, engineer, buildings... more »

Frigyes Feszl

Frigyes Feszl was an architect and a significant figure in the Hungarian romantic movement. more »

Frits Peutz

F.P.J. Peutz was a Dutch architect. more »

Frits van Dongen

Frits van Dongen is an architect from the Netherlands. He designed a canal-side municipal... more »

Frits van Gendt

Frits van Gendt was a Dutch architect. more »

Fritz Auer

Fritz Auer, is a German architect, the founder and senior partner of Auer+Weber+Assoziierte. more »

Fritz August Breuhaus

Fritz August Breuhaus was a famous German architect, interior designer, and designer in the 20th... more »

Fritz Beblo

Friedrich Karl Ewald Beblo, called Fritz Beblo was a German city planner, architect and... more »

Fritz Bornemann

Fritz Bornemann was a German architect. more »

Fritz Eckert

Fritz Eckert, Fritz Herman Vilhelm Eckert in full, was a Swedish architect, born 25 April 1852... more »

Fritz Koenig

Fritz Koenig, born June 20, 1924, in Würzburg, Germany, is a sculptor best known outside his... more »

Fritz Metzger

Fritz Metzger was a Swiss church architect. more »

Fritz Moegle

Fritz Moegle was a production designer, film art director and architect. more »

Fritz Schumacher

Fritz Schumacher was a German architect and urban designer. more »

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