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Georg David Anthon

Georg David Anthon was a Danish architect. more »

Georg Hellat

Georg Hellat was an Estonian architect. His most known masterpiece is the building of the of... more »

Georg Hermann Nicolai

Georg Hermann Nicolai was a German architect and educator, Professor of Architecture at the... more »

Georg Johann Mattarnovi

Georg Johann Mattarnovi was a German Baroque architect and sculptor, notable for his work in... more »

Georg Ludwig Friedrich Laves

Georg Ludwig Friedrich Laves was a German architect, civil engineer and urban planner. Born in... more »

Georg Steenke

Georg Jakob Steenke was a German architect and a königlicher Baurat of the Kingdom of Prussia... more »

Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff

Hans Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff was a painter and architect in Prussia. Knobelsdorff was... more »

George A. Berlinghof

George A. Berlinghof was a German-born architect who designed a number of important buildings in... more »

George A. Converse

George Albert Converse was a rear admiral in the United States Navy, who was noted for his... more »

George A. Crawley

George Abraham Crawley was a British artist, designer and purveyor of English taste. He is best... more »

George A. Frederick

George Aloysius Frederick was a German-American architect with a practice in Baltimore,... more »

George A. Fuller

George A. Fuller was an architect often credited as being the "inventor" of modern skyscrapers... more »

George Aitchison

George Aitchison Jr. RA was a British architect. He was the son of George Aitchison. He was... more »

George Allen Underwood

George Allen Underwood was an architect in Cheltenham. He was a pupil of Sir John Soane from... more »

George Anselevicius

George Anselevicius, originally from Lithuania, was an architect in the St. Louis-based... more »

George Arthur Crump

George Arthur Crump, Jr. was a hotelier and golf course architect primarily known for designing... more »

George Ashdown Audsley

George Ashdown Audsley was an accomplished architect, artist, illustrator, writer, decorator and... more »

George Ashlin

George Coppinger Ashlin was an Irish architect, particularly noted for his work on churches and... more »

George B. Post

George Browne Post was an American architect trained in the Beaux-Arts tradition. more »

George Bähr

George Bähr was a German architect. more »

George Baird

George Baird is an architect and architectural educator most closely associated with the... more »

George Basevi

Elias George Basevi FRS was an English architect. A pupil of Sir John Soane, his designs... more »

George Bergstrom

George Edwin Bergstrom was a Norwegian-American architect who designed The Pentagon in Arlington... more »

George Bertram Carter

George Bertram Carter was an English architect. George Bertram Carter attended Blackheath School... more »

George Bigelow Rogers

George Bigelow Rogers was an American architect, best known for the wide variety of buildings... more »

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