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Illimar Truverk

Illimar Truverk is a notable Estonian architect. Illimar Truverk studied in the Estonian Academy... more »

Ilya Bondarenko

Ilya Yevgrafovich Bondarenko was a Russian-Soviet architect, historian and preservationist,... more »

Ilya Golosov

Ilya Alexandrovich Golosov was a Russian Soviet architect. A leader of Constructivism in... more »


Imhotep, fl. 27th century BC, was an Egyptian polymath, who served under the Third Dynasty king... more »

Imre Makovecz

Imre Makovecz was a Hungarian architect active in Europe from the late 1950s onward. Makovecz... more »

Imre Steindl

Imre Steindl was a Hungarian architect. more »

Imrich Barta

Imrich Barta, was a famous Slovak painter and architect of Greek ancestry. He created many oil... more »

Inácio de Oliveira Bernardes

Inácio de Oliveira Bernardes was employed by Gerard de Visme to build a palace and a public... more »

Indrek Allmann

Indrek Allmann is an Estonia architect. From 1987 to 1990 Indrek Allmann studied in the 4th... more »

Indrek Erm

Indrek Erm is a notable Estonian architect. From 1986 Indrek Erm studied in the State Art... more »

Indrek Rünkla

Indrek Rünkla is a notable Estonian architect. From 1991 Rünkla studied in the Estonian Academy... more »


Ineni was an Ancient Egyptian architect and government official of the 18th Dynasty, responsible... more »

Ingress Bell

Edward Ingress Bell was an English architect of the late 19th and early 20th century, who worked... more »

Ingy Pasha

Kiwi Crochet Club Coordinator and Founder. more »

Inigo Jones

Inigo Jones is the first significant British architect of the early modern period, and the first... more »

Inokuchi Ariya

Inokuchi Ariya was a mechanical technologist and professor. He was born in Kanazawa, and... more »

Ioannis Despotopoulos

Ioannis Despotopoulos also known as Jan Despo, was a Greek architect born in Smyrna, Ottoman Empire. more »

Ion Creangă

Ion Creangă was an architect, the brother of architect Horia Creangă and the grandson of writer... more »

Ion Lewis

Ion Lewis was a founding member of Whidden & Lewis, a prominent architectural firm in Portland,... more »

Ion Mincu

Ion Mincu was an architect, engineer, professor and politician in Romania. He promoted a... more »

Iosif Langbard

Iosif Grigor’evich Langbard, also Josef Langbard was a Soviet Belarus architect and Honored... more »

Ippolit Monighetti

Ippolit Antonovich Monighetti was a Russian architect of Swiss descent who worked for the... more »

Iraj Kalantari Taleghani

Iraj Kalantari Taleghani is a renowned contemporary Iranian architect, famous for his... more »

Irving Gill

Irving John Gill, American architect, known as "Jack" to his friends, is considered a pioneer of... more »

Irving Kane Pond

Irving Kane Pond was an American architect, college athlete, and author. Born in Ann Arbor,... more »

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