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Jaromír Krejcar

Jaromír Krejcar was a Czech functionalistic architect, student of Jan Kotěra and member of... more »

Jaromír Svarc

Jaromír Svarc is a Film art director, Production designer and Architect. more »

Jarvis Hunt

Jarvis Hunt was a "renowned Chicago architect" who designed a wide array of buildings, including... more »

Jaume Busquets

Jaume Busquets i Mollera was a Catalan sculptor and painter of the noucentisme generation. He... more »

Javier Sánchez

Javier Sánchez is a Mexican architect and developer primarily known for contemporary... more »

Javier Senosiain

Javier Senosiain is a Mexican architect celebrated as a key exponent and explorer of so-called... more »

Jean Alexander Heinrich Clapier de Colongue

Jean Alexander Heinrich Clapier de Colongue was a Baltic German marine engineer and founder of a... more »

Jean Androuet du Cerceau

Jean Androuet du Cerceau was a French architect, the son of Jean Baptiste Androuet du Cerceau,... more »

Jean Aubert the Elder

Jean Aubert the Elder was a French architect, "responsible for many fine interiors but not a... more »

Jean B. Fletcher

Jean Bodman Fletcher was an American architect who was a founding member of the Architects'... more »

Jean Badovici

Jean Badovici was an Romanian architect and architecture critic active in Paris. more »

Jean Baillairgé

Jean Baillairgé was a carpenter by trade and there is some reference to his being an architect... more »

Jean Baptiste Androuet du Cerceau

Jean Baptiste Androuet du Cerceau was a French architect who designed the Pont Neuf, spanning... more »

Jean Baptiste Mathey

Jean Baptiste Mathey was a French architect and painter born in Dijon. Between 1675 and 1694... more »

Jean Bullant

Jean Bullant was a French architect and sculptor who built the tombs of Anne de Montmorency,... more »

Jean Cailleteau

Jean Cailleteau, known as "Lassurance", was a French architect. He was admitted to the Académie... more »

Jean Chalgrin

Jean-François-Thérèse Chalgrin was a French architect, best known for his design for the Arc de... more »

Jean d'Orbais

Jean d'Orbais was a French architect from Orbais active in the Reims area. He was an architect... more »

Jean de Bodt

Jean de Bodt was a Baroque architect of the 18th century. more »

Jean de Chelles

Jean de Chelles was a master mason and sculptor who was one of the architects at the Cathedral... more »

Jean de Gastines

Jean de Gastines (born 1957) is a French architect more »

Jean de la Vallée

Jean de la Vallée was a French-born architect, who lived and worked in Sweden. He was the son of... more »

Jean de Mailly

Jean Pierier of Mailly, called Jean de Mailly, was a Dominican chronicler working in Metz in the... more »

Jean Dimitrijevic

Jean Dimitrijevic was a French architect who worked with Guy Lagneau and Michel Weill in the... more »

Jean Dubuisson

Jean Dubuisson was a French architect who is regarded as one of the leading practitioners of the... more »

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