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Jean-François-Joseph Lecointe

Jean-François-Joseph Lecointe was official architect to king Charles X of France. He worked in... more »

Jean-Jacques Grunenwald

Jean-Jacques Grunenwald, was a French organist, composer, architect, and pedagogue. more »

Jean-Jacques Lequeu

Jean-Jacques Lequeu was a French draughtsman and architect. Born in Rouen, he won a scholarship... more »

Jean-Laurent Le Geay

Jean-Laurent Le Geay was a French neoclassical architect with an unsatisfactory career largely... more »

Jean-Louis Pascal

Jean-Louis Pascal was an academic French architect. more »

Jean-Marie Charpentier

Jean-Marie Charpentier was a French architect and urban planner. He founded Arte Charpentier' in... more »

Jean-Marie Morel

Jean-Marie Morel, the author of La Théorie des Jardins, was a trained architect and surveyor,... more »

Jean-Michel Chevotet

Jean-Michel Chevotet was a French architect. He and Pierre Contant d'Ivry were among the most... more »

Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Jean-Michel Wilmotte is a French architect. more »

Jean-Nicolas Huyot

Jean-Nicholas Huyot was a French architect, best known for his 1823 continuation of work on the... more »

Jean-Nicolas Trouille

Jean-Nicolas Trouille was a French politician, architect and military engineer. more »

Jean-Nicolas-Louis Durand

Jean-Nicolas-Louis Durand was a French author, teacher and architect. He was an important figure... more »

Jean-Paul Viguier

Jean-Paul Viguier is a French architect. He is considered one of the world's leading architects... more »

Jean-Philippe Lauer

Jean-Philippe Lauer, was a French architect and Egyptologist. He was considered to be the... more »

Jean-Pierre Houdin

Jean-Pierre Houdin, is a French architect perhaps most notable for a theory on pyramid... more »

Jean-Rodolphe Perronet

Jean-Rodolphe Perronet was a French architect and structural engineer, known for his many stone... more »

Jean-Yves Chabrol

Jean-Yves Chabrol is the son of Agnes Marie-Madeleine Goute. more »

Jeanne Gang

Jeanne Gang is an American architect. She leads Studio Gang Architects, a Chicago-based... more »

Jeff Daly

Jeffrey L. Daly is an American architect, specialising in museum gallery and exhibition... more »

Jeff McKissack

Creator of The Orange Show. more »

Jeffrey Howlett

Jeffrey Howlett was a Western Australian modernist architect. Howlett was born in India, but... more »

Jeffrey Karl Ochsner

Jeffrey Karl Ochsner is an architect, architectural historian, and professor at the University... more »

Jeffrey Rusch

Jeffrey Rusch is a graphic designer. more »

Jeffry Wyattville

Sir Jeffry Wyatville RA was an English architect and garden designer. Born Jeffry Wyatt into an... more »

Jenő Bory

Jenő Bory was a Hungarian architect and sculptor. Bory received his degree in building... more »

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