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John Elkington Gill

John Elkington Gill was a 19th-century architect in Bath, Somerset, England. more »

John Elliott

John Elliott RIBA was an English Architect, who planned and designed luxury hotels and resorts... more »

John Engh

John Engh was a Norwegian architect, most known for his innovative work in stone and... more »

John Entenza

John Entenza was one of the pivotal figures in the growth of American modernism: in the fields... more »

John Eveleigh

John Eveleigh was an English surveyor and architect in Bath. He began his practice in Bath in... more »

John Ewart

John Ewart was a Canadian architect and businessman. He was born in Tranent Scotland in 1788... more »

John F. Staub

John Fanz Staub was a residential architect who designed numerous traditionally-styled homes and... more »

John Forbes

John B. Forbes was an architect in Cheltenham. He designed the Pittville Pump Room for Joseph... more »

John Foster

John Foster, Junior was an English architect. more »

John Foster, Sr.

John Foster Snr an English architect, father of John Foster Jnr. Senior Surveyor to the... more »

John Fought

John Fought III is an American golf course architect and professional golfer who has played on... more »

John Foulston

John Foulston was an English architect who was a pupil of Thomas Hardwick and set up a practice... more »

John Francis Bentley

John Francis Bentley was an English ecclesiastical architect whose most famous work is the... more »

John Francis Rague

John Francis Rague was a mid-19th century architect who designed and built the 1837 Old Capitol... more »

John Fraser

John Fraser was a Scottish-born American architect who practiced in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... more »

John Frazer

John Frazer pioneered computer technologies related to architecture, urbanism and design. His... more »

John Galen Howard

John Galen Howard was an American architect who began his career in New York before moving to... more »

John George Howard

John George Howard, born John Corby, was the City of Toronto, Canada's official surveyor and... more »

John George Knight

John George Knight, was an architect and administrator of the Northern Territory, Australia. more »

John Gibson

John Gibson was an English architect born in Warwickshire. more »

John Gidding

John Gidding is a Turkish-American architect, television personality, and former fashion model. more »

John Goddard Stearns, Jr.

John Goddard Stearns, an American architect, was the cofounder of the firm Peabody & Stearns. He... more »

John Green

Northumberland and Durham Architect, father of Benjamin Green more »

John Gwynn

John Gwynn RA was an English architect and civil engineer, who became one of the founder members... more »

John H. Duncan

John Hemingway Duncan was an American architect. more »

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