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Jojar Singh Dhinsa

Jojar Singh Dhinsa is a British businessman, born in Coventry. At age 29, the magazine of the... more »

Jola Sigmond

Jola Sigmond is a Swedish architect SAR. He was born in Budapest, Hungary, and came to Sweden as... more »

Jon Eicholtz

Jon Eicholtz is an architect and the husband of Barbara Eden. more »

Jon Jerde

Jon Jerde FAIA is an American architect based in Venice, California, founder and chairman of The... more »

Jón Kristinsson

Jón Kristinsson is a Dutch architect. more »

Jon Stryker

Jon Lloyd Stryker is an American architect, philanthropist and activist for social and... more »

Jonas Coersmeier

Jonas Coersmeier is an award-winning architect and designer, born in Germany and working in the... more »

Jonas Lindvall

Jonas Lindvall MFA, MSA-SIR is a Swedish architect and designer. more »

Jonas Virakas

Jonas Virakas was born in the town of Seredžius in the Kaunas district. He studied at the Kaunas... more »

Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams is a Welsh architect particularly known for his landmark buildings in Cardiff. more »

Jonathan Hill

Jonathan Hill is an English architect and architectural historian. Hill joined University... more »

Jonathan Woolf

Jonathan Woolf is a British architect, founder of the award-winning practice Jonathan Woolf... more »

Jordi Bonet i Armengol

Jordi Bonet i Armengol is an architect. more »

Jörg von Halsbach

Jörg von Halsbach, also called Halspach or Ganghofer was a German bricklayer and architect. He... more »

Jorge Dávalos

Jorge Dávalos was the husband of Michelle Bachelet. more »

Jorge Ferreira Chaves

Jorge Ferreira Chaves, was a Portuguese architect. Some authors may refer to him as "Jorge... more »

Jorge Legorreta

Jorge Legorreta Gutiérrez was a Mexican architect and urbanist. He was one of the main... more »

Jorge Luis Echarte

Jorge Luis Echarte y Mazorra was a Cuban architect, engineer, diplomat and minister. He served... more »

Jorge Próspero de Verboon

Founder of the "Real Cuerpo de Ingenieros". As a fortification designer he worked with Vauban,... more »

Jorge Rigau

Jorge Rigau is a Puerto Rican architect, historian, author and pedagogue. He is the founder and... more »

José Albertini

José Albertini is the husband of Kate Fitzpatrick. more »

José Alexandre Soares

Lisbon architect. more »

José Benito de Churriguera

José Benito de Churriguera was a Spanish architect, sculptor and urbanist of the late-Baroque or... more »

José Bernardo Sánchez

Father José Bernardo Sánchez was a Spanish missionary in North America. more »

José Charlet

José Charlet, was a French architect, painter, sculptor, and professor at the Beaux Arts of Paris. more »

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