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Knud Arne Petersen

Knud Arne Petersen was a Danish architect and director of Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen from 1899... more »

Knud Holscher

Knud Helmuth Holscher, Danish architect and industrial designer of international renown. For... more »

Knut Haugsoen

Knut Haugsoen was an architect, teacher, jazz pianist and composer. more »

Knut Henning Thygesen

Knut Henning Thygesen is a Norwegian author and politician for the Red Party. He was elected as... more »

Knut Hjeltnes

Knut Hjeltnes is a Norwegian architect. He was born in Oslo. He took his education at the... more »

Knut Selberg

Knut Atle Selberg is a planner, architect, and urban designer with the Selberg Arkitektkontor AS... more »

Koen Olthuis

Koen Olthuis is a Dutch architect. He studied architecture and industrial design at Delft... more »

Kofi Bonner

Kofi S. Bonner is an American architect and planner who is known for the heading the... more »

Koh Seow Chuan

Koh Seow Chuan is a founder of DP Architects, a philatelist, and philanthropist. more »

Kolë Idromeno

Kolë Idromeno was an Albanian painter, sculptor, photographer, architect and engineer. He was... more »

Kolyu Ficheto

Nikola Fichev, commonly known as Kolyu Ficheto, was a Bulgarian National Revival architect,... more »

Konstantin Jovanović

Konstantin Jovanović was an Austrian/Austro–Hungarian, Serbian and Bulgarian architect known for... more »

Konstantin Melnikov

Konstantin Stepanovich Melnikov was a Russian architect and painter. His architectural work,... more »

Konstantin Thon

Konstantin Andreyevich Thon, also spelled Ton was an official architect of Imperial Russia... more »

Konstantin Topuridze

Konstantin Topuridze was the husband of Rina Zelyonaya. more »

Konstantine Hovhannisyan

Konstantine Hovhannisyan was an Armenian professor, architect and archaeologist. He was the head... more »

Kornél Pajor

Kornél Pajor is a former speed skating World Champion from Hungary. He was born in Budapest. In... more »

Kostas Biris

Kostas Biris was a well-known Greek architect and city planner. more »

Kris Yao

Kris Yao is a Taiwanese architect, and the founder and head architect at Artech Architects in... more »

Krishnarao Jaisim

Krishnarao Jaisim is an architect and the past chairman of the Indian Institute of Architects,... more »

Kristian Gullichsen

Kristian Gullichsen is a Finnish architect. The son of Harry and Maire Gullichsen he was born... more »

Kristin Jarmund

Kristin Jarmund is a Norwegian architect. She is educated at the Norwegian Institute of... more »

Kristofer Lange

Kristofer Andreas Lange was a Norwegian architect that became famous for hosting the regulation... more »

Krystyna Bierut-Maminajszwili

Krystyna Bierut-Maminajszwili was an architect and the daughter of Bolesław Bierut. more »

Ksenija Bulatović

Ksenija Bulatović, is a Serbian architect. more »

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