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Léon Azéma

Léon Azéma was a French architect. He is responsible for many public works in France, especially... more »

Leon Benois

Leon Benois was a Russian architect. He was the son of architect Nicholas Benois, the brother of... more »

Leon C. Weiss

Leon Charles Weiss was a politically connected American architect who designed most major... more »

Léon Jaussely

Léon Jaussely was a French architect and urban planner. Born in Toulouse, Jaussely studied at... more »

Léon Krier

Léon Krier is an architect, architectural theorist and urban planner. He is a representative of... more »

Léon Mathon

French trained Haitian 19th century architect who carried out most of his work in and around... more »

Léon Suys

Léon-Pierre Suys, was a Belgian architect. Suys's father Tilman-François Suys was the architect... more »

Léon Vaudoyer

Léon Vaudoyer was a French architect. more »

Léon-Eugène Méhédin

Léon-Eugène Méhédin was a French archaeologist, architect and photographer. Méhédin's career, a... more »

Leonard Manasseh

Leonard Sulla Manasseh (1916 - ) is a British architect. more »

Leonard Rome Guthrie

Leonard Rome Guthrie was an English architect. more »

Leonard Stokes

Leonard Aloysius Scott Stokes was an English architect. Leonard Stokes was born in Southport in... more »

Leonardo Benevolo

Leonardo Benevolo is an Italian architectural and urban historian. Benevolo studied architecture... more »

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci was an Italian Renaissance polymath: painter, sculptor,... more »

Leonardo de Figueroa

Architect of the San Telmo Chapel within the San Telmo Palace, Seville. more »

Leonardo Morales y Pedroso

Leonardo Morales y Pedroso was one of the most prominent Cuban architects from early 20th... more »

Leone Battista Alberti

Leon Battista Alberti was an Italian humanist author, artist, architect, poet, priest, linguist,... more »

Leonhard Dientzenhofer

Leonhard Dientzenhofer was a German builder and architect from the well known Dientzenhofer... more »

Leonhard Gall

Professor Leonhard Gall was one of Adolf Hitler's architects. Gall worked for Paul Troost and he... more »

Leonhard Lapin

Leonhard Lapin is a versatile Estonian artist who has been active in fine art, art theory and... more »

Leoni W. Robinson

Leoni W. Robinson was a leading architect in New Haven, Connecticut. He was a charter member of... more »

Leonid Aleksandrovich Vesnin

Leonid Aleksandrovich Vesnin, together with his brothers Alexander Vesnin and Viktor Vesnin, was... more »

Léopold Durand

Léopold Durand OSB was a French architect. more »

Leopold Eidlitz

Leopold Eidlitz was a prominent New York architect best known for his work on the New York State... more »

Leopold Katzenstein

Leopold Katzenstein Rhina, former Kreis Hünfeld, Hessen, Germany – December 4, 1915 New York... more »

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