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Leopold Rother

Leopold Siegfried Rother Cuhn was a German architect, urban planner and educator. He developed... more »

LeRoy Duning

LeRoy Duning was an architect. more »

Leslie Green

Leslie William Green was an English architect. He is best known for his design of iconic... more »

Leslie Martin

Sir John Leslie Martin was an English Architect. A leading advocate of the International... more »

Leslie S. Hodgson

Leslie Simmons Hodgson was an architect in the Weber County, Utah, United States area from about... more »

Lester George

Lester George is an internationally renowned golf course architect who was born in Wiesbaden,... more »

Lester S. Moore

Lester Sherwood Moore was an American architect. Moore designed residential homes and other... more »

Lev I of Galicia

Leo I of Galicia became in turn Knyaz of Belz, Knyaz of Peremyshl, Knyaz of Halych and Grand... more »

Lev Ilyin

Lev Aleksandrovich Ilyin was a Russian architect. Between 1925-1938 Lev Ilyin was the main... more »

Lev Kekushev

Lev Nikolayevich Kekushev was a Russian architect, notable for his Art Nouveau buildings in... more »

Lev Khrshchonovich

Lev Kazimirovich Khrshchonovich, last name also spelled Chrśonowicz, Chrszczonowicz,... more »

Lev Rudnev

Lev Vladimirovich Rudnev was a Soviet architect, and a leading practitioner of Stalinist... more »

Levi J. Dean

Levi Johnson Dean was a West Virginia-based architect. more »

Levi Weeks

Levi Weeks was the accused in the infamous Manhattan Well Murder trial of 1800, the first... more »

Lewis Cubitt

Lewis Cubitt was an English civil engineer. more »

Lewis Francis Herreshoff

Lewis Francis Herreshoff, was a boat designer, naval architect, editor and author of books and... more »

Lewis Greenleaf Adams

Lewis Greenleaf Adams, AIA, was an American architect based in New York City who practiced in... more »

Lewis Henry Isaacs

Lewis Henry Isaacs was an English architect and surveyor and a Conservative Party politician who... more »

Lewis Hornblower

Lewis Hornblower was a Liverpool architect, who along with French landscape architect Édouard... more »

Lewis Nixon

Lewis Nixon I was a naval architect, shipbuilding executive, public servant, and political... more »

Lewis Nockalls Cottingham

Lewis Nockalls Cottingham was a British architect who pioneered the study of Medieval Gothic... more »

Lewis P. Hobart

Lewis Parsons Hobart was an American architect whose designs included San Francisco's Grace... more »

Lewis Teague

R. Lewis Teague was a renowned American painter. The youngest son of Industrial Designer Walter... more »

Lewis Vulliamy

Lewis Vulliamy was an English architect belonging to the Vulliamy family of clockmakers. more »

Lewis Wyatt

Lewis William Wyatt was a British architect, a nephew of both Samuel and James Wyatt of the... more »

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