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Li Chung Pei

Li Chung Pei is an architect. more »

Li Zhaode

Li Zhaode was an official of Wu Zetian's Zhou Dynasty and at one point served as chancellor. He... more »

Liana Nella-Potiropoulou

Liana Nella-Potiropoulou was born in Athens in 1959. She is the daughter of Konstantinos and... more »

Liang Sicheng

Liang Sicheng was the son of Liang Qichao, a well-known Chinese thinker in the late Qing... more »

Libéral Bruant

Libéral Bruant, was a French architect best known as the designer of the Hôtel des Invalides,... more »


Libon was a 5th-century BC architect of Ancient Greece. Born in Elis, he built the Doric temple... more »

Lieven de Key

Lieven de Key was a famous Dutch renaissance architect in the Netherlands, mostly known today... more »

Lilla Hansen

Lilla Georgine Hansen was Norway's first female architect. After studying at the Royal Drafting... more »

Lina Bo Bardi

Lina Bo Bardi, née Achillina Bo was a Brazilian modernist architect born in Italy. A prolific... more »

Lina Stergiou

Lina Stergiou is a Greek architect and theoretician. more »

Linda Brettler

Linda Brettler is an architect and the spouse of Matthew Weiner . more »

Linda Kwok

Linda Kwok, wife of politician Brian Schatz, is an architect. more »

Linda Marie Grossman

Linda Marie Grossman is an architect. more »

Lindley Johnson

Lindley Johnson was a noted Philadelphia Architect. Johnson was born in the Germantown... more »

Lindsay Pryor

Lindsay Dixon Pryor AO was an Australian botanist noted for his work on Eucalyptus taxonomy and... more »

Linn A. Forrest

Linn Argyle Forrest, Sr. was an American architect of Juneau, Alaska who worked to restore... more »

Lionel Bailey Budden

Lionel Bailey Budden FRIBA, a British architect, was the son of William Budden and Elizabeth... more »

Lionel Esher

Lionel Gordon Baliol Brett, 4th Viscount Esher CBE was a British peer, architect and... more »

Lionel Pries

Lionel H. Pries, was a leading architect, artist, and educator in the Pacific Northwest. Pries... more »

Lipót Baumhorn

Lipót Baumhorn was a Hungarian architect. more »

Livio Vacchini

Livio Vacchini was a Swiss architect from Ticino. more »

Liviu Ciulei

Liviu Ciulei was a Romanian theater and film director, film writer, actor, architect, educator,... more »

Liviu Popa

Liviu Popa was an architect and production designer. more »

Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr., commonly known as Lloyd Wright, was an American landscape architect and... more »

Lluís Domènech i Montaner

Lluís Domènech i Montaner was a Spanish Catalan architect who was highly influential on... more »

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