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Ludwig Wittgenstein

Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein was an Austrian-British philosopher who worked primarily in... more »

Luigi Cagnola

Marchese Luigi Cagnola was an Italian architect. Cagnola was born in Milan. He was sent at the... more »

Luigi Canina

Luigi Canina was an Italian archaeologist and architect. Luigi Canina, Italian architect and... more »

Luigi Canonica

Luigi Canonica was a Swiss architect and urban planner whose prominent career as an exponent of... more »

Luigi Colani

Luigi Colani, is a Berlin-born German industrial designer His long career began in the 1950s... more »

Luigi Fontana

Luigi Fontana was an Italian sculptor, painter and architect. He had two sons: Tommaso, who was... more »

Luigi Manini

Luigi Manini, Count of Fagagna was a European set designer and architect. He was born in Crema,... more »

Luigi Piccinato

Luigi Piccinato was an Italian architect and town planner. more »

Luigi Poletti

Luigi Poletti was an Italian neoclassical architect. He initially obtained a doctorate in... more »

Luigi Rusca

Luigi Rusca was a Neoclassical architect from Ticino who worked in Russia and Ukraine between... more »

Luigi Snozzi

Luigi Snozzi is a Swiss architect from Ticino. He is currently working in Locarno and Lugano. He... more »

Luigi Vanvitelli

Luigi Vanvitelli, born Lodewijk van Wittel was an Italian engineer and architect. The most... more »

Luis Afonso

15th C Portuguese Architect more »

Luis Barragán

Luis Ramiro Barragán Morfín was a Mexican architect. He studied as an engineer in his home town,... more »

Luis de Garrido

Luis de Garrido Talavera is a Spanish architect. Luis de Garrido works with sustainable... more »

Luis Fernández

Luis Eduardo Fernández Oliva is a Venezuelan actor, writer, producer and director. He started... more »

Luis Gutiérrez Soto

Luis Gutiérrez Soto was a Spanish architect. One of the principal representatives of... more »

Luis Trenker

Luis Trenker was a South Tyrolean film producer, director, writer, actor, architect, and alpinist. more »

Luiz Paulo Conde

Luiz Paulo Fernández Conde is a Brazilian politician and architect. Conde served as the Vice... more »

Lutah Maria Riggs

Lutah Maria Riggs, FAIA was an American architect who worked for several decades in the Southern... more »

Lynton Brent

Lynton Brent was an American film actor. He appeared in over 240 films between 1930 and... more »

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