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Nicolas Le Camus de Mézières

Nicolas Le Camus de Mézières was a French architect and theoretician. He was born and died in... more »

Nicolas-Henri Jardin

Nicolas-Henri Jardin, neoclassical architect, was born in St. Germain des Noyers, Dept... more »

Nicolau Chanterene

Nicolau Chanterene was a French sculptor and architect who worked mainly in Portugal and... more »

Nicolau Nasoni

Nicolau Nasoni was an Italian artist and architect but mostly active in Portugal. He became... more »

Nicolò Pacassi

Nicolò Pacassi, also known as Nikolaus Pacassi, was an Austrian architect of Italian descent. He... more »

Niels Kopperholdt

Niels Peter Kopperholdt is a former Danish cricketer. Kopperholdt was a right-handed batsman who... more »

Niels Sejer

Niels Sejer is a production designer and an architect. more »

Niels Sigfred Nebelong

Niels Sigfred Nebelong was a Danish architect who worked in the Historicist style. He was city... more »

Niels Stockfleth Darre Eckhoff

Niels Stockfleth Darre Eckhoff was a Norwegian architect. He was born in Throndhjem as the son... more »

Nigel Coates

Nigel Coates is an English architect, author, and prolific designer of interiors, exhibitions,... more »

Nigel Irens

Nigel Irens RDI is a leading yacht designer. He is perhaps best known as designer of the... more »

Nikhil Chinapa

Kalengada Bhemaiah Chinapa, better known as Nikhil Chinapa and VJ Nikhil, is an Indian radio... more »

Nikita Lazarev

Nikita Gerasimovich Lazarev was a Russian civil engineer, contractor, real estate developer and... more »

Nikolai Bayev

Nikolai Gevorkovich Bayev was an Armenian architect in the Russian Empire and Soviet... more »

Nikolai Ladovsky

Nikolai Alexandrovich Ladovsky was a Russian avant-garde architect and educator, leader of the... more »

Nikolai Markovnikov

Nikolai Vladimirovich Markovnikov, also spelled Morkovnikov was a Russian architect and... more »

Nikolai Nikitin

Nikolay Nikitin was a structural designer and construction engineer of the Soviet Union, best... more »

Nikolaus Friedrich von Thouret

Nikolaus Friedrich von Thouret. German architect and designer. more »

Nikolay Alexandrovich Milyutin

Nikolay Alexandrovich Milyutin, alternatively transliterated as Miliutin was a Russian trade... more »

Nikolay Blagoveshchensky

Nikolay Blagoveshchensky was an architect. more »

Nikolay Lanceray

Nikolay Lanceray was a Russian architect, preservationist, illustrator of books and historian of... more »

Nikolay Lvov

Nikolay Aleksandrovich Lvov was a Russian artist of the Age of Enlightenment. Lvov, an amateur... more »

Nikolay Zherikhov

Nikolay Ivanovich Zherikhov was a Russian Art Nouveau architect, active in Moscow in 1902–1914... more »

Nils Marstein

Nils Marstein is a Norwegian civil servant. He took his architect's education at the Norwegian... more »

Nils Olsson

Nils Olsson was a Swedish architect. In 1948 he won a bronze medal in the art competitions of... more »

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