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Pierre Obreri

An architect involved in the design of Palais des Papes in Avignon more »

Pierre Patte

Pierre Patte was a French architect who was the assistant of the great French teacher of... more »

Pierre Paul Puget

Pierre Puget was a French painter, sculptor, architect and engineer. more »

Pierre Tarisel

Pierre Tarisel was the Master-mason to the King of France, known for working on Amiens Cathedral. more »

Pierre Vago

Pierre Vago was a notable French architect. Vago was known internationally as the publisher of... more »

Pierre-Adrien Pâris

Pierre-Adrien Pâris was a French architect, painter and designer. more »

Pierre-Alexandre Vignon

Neoclassical French Architect. more »

Pierre-Louis Moreau-Desproux

Pierre-Louis Moreau-Desproux was a pioneering French neoclassical architect. more »

Piers Gough

Piers Gough, is an architect in the practice CZWG. His younger brothers are the composer Orlando... more »

Piet Blom

Piet Blom was a Dutch architect best known for his 'Kubuswoningen' built in Helmond in the... more »

Pieter Appelmans

Pieter Appelmans was one of the architects of the Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp, together with... more »

Pieter de Keyser

Pieter de Keyser was a Dutch Golden Age architect and sculptor. He followed in the footsteps of... more »

Pieter Post

Pieter Jansz Post was a Dutch Golden Age architect, painter and printmaker. more »

Pietro Antonio Solari

Pietro Antonio Solari, also known as Pyotr Fryazin, was a Swiss Italian architect. He was born... more »

Pietro Baseggio

Pietro Baseggio was a fourteenth-century architect and sculptor in Venice. In 1361, he was named... more »

Pietro Belluschi

Pietro Belluschi was an American architect, a leader of the Modern Movement in architecture, and... more »

Pietro Benvenuto degli Ordini

Pietro Benvenuto degli Ordini of Ferrara was the court architect of Borso d'Este, Duke of... more »

Pietro Camporese the Elder

Pietro Camporese the Elder was an Italian architect. more »

Pietro Camporese the Younger

Pietro Camporese the Younger was an Italian neoclassical architect. He was the grandson of the... more »

Pietro da Cortona

Pietro da Cortona was born Pietro Berrettini, but is primarily known by the name of his native... more »

Pietro di Giacomo Cataneo

Pietro di Giacomo Cataneo was a 16th-century Italian architect. He is principally remembered for... more »

Pietro Lombardo

Pietro Lombardo was an Italian Renaissance sculptor and architect; born in Carona, he was the... more »

Pietro Paolo Floriani

Pietro Paolo Floriani was an Italian engineer and architect. He designed many military and... more »

Pietro Perti

Giovanni Pietro Perti or Peretti was an Italian Baroque sculptor and architect, regarded as one... more »

Pietro Porcinai

Pietro Porcinai is renowned as one of the most outstanding Italian landscape architects of the... more »

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