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Roland Wank

Roland A. Wank was a Hungarian modernist architect, best known for his work for the Tennessee... more »

Rolf Disch

Rolf Disch is a German architect, solar energy pioneer and environmental activist who has... more »

Rolv Enge

Rolv Øistein Enge was a Norwegian resistance member and architect. more »

Romaldo Giurgola

Romaldo Giurgola AO is an Italian-American-Australian academic architect, professor, and author... more »

Román Fresnedo Siri

Roman Fresnedo Siri was a Uruguayan architect. more »

Roman Klein

Roman Ivanovich Klein, born Robert Julius Klein, was a Russian architect and educator, best... more »

Roman Mann

Roman Mann was a scenographer, architect, painter, teacher, cartoonist, production designer and... more »

Rombout II Keldermans

Rombout II Keldermans was an important architect from the Gothic period, born from a family of... more »

Romuald Andrzej Klos

Romuald Andrzej Klos is an actor. more »

Ron Arad

Ron Arad is an Israeli industrial designer, artist, and architect. more »

Ron Herron

Ron Herron was a notable English architect and teacher. He was perhaps best known for his work... more »

Ron Prichard

Ron Prichard is an American golf course designer and restorer. His original designs include the... more »

Ronald Fraser Reekie

Fraser Reekie was an architectural historian and with meticulous drafting skills which he put... more »

Ronald Thom

Ronald James Thom, OC was a Canadian architect. He is one of the most admired Canadian designers... more »

Rosa May Sampaio

Rosa May Sampaio is the mother of actress Guilhermina Guinle and film director Charly Braun. more »

Rosario Candela

Rosario Candela was an Italian American architect who achieved renown through his apartment... more »

Rosario Gagliardi

Rosario Gagliardi was an Italian architect born in Syracuse. He was one of the leading... more »

Rosemary Verey

Rosemary Verey, OBE, VMH was an internationally known English garden designer, lecturer and... more »

Rowland Rees

Rowland Rees was an Australian architect, civil engineer and politician. Born in Gibraltar and... more »

Roy Grounds

Sir Roy Burman Grounds, was one of Australia's leading architects of the modern movement. more »

Roy Mason

Roy Mason was an American lecturer, writer, and futuristic architect who designed and built a... more »

Roy Place

Roy W. Place was a Tucson, Arizona architect. Born in San Diego in 1887, Place moved to Tucson... more »

Royal Barry Wills

Royal Barry Wills was an American architect and author. He was a master of the Cape Cod style... more »

Rudolf Fränkel

Rudolf Fränkel, often anglicised as Rudolf or Rudolph Frankel was a German-Jewish architect who... more »

Rudolf Hamburger

Rudolf Hamburger was an architect and a spy. more »

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