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Raimondo Tommaso D'Aronco

Raimondo Tommaso D’Aronco was an Italian architect renowned for his building designs in the... more »

Raimund Abraham

Raimund Johann Abraham was an Austrian architect. more »

Raine Karp

Raine Karp is an Estonian architect. Beyond doubt, Karp has created the most bold examples of... more »

Rainer Mahlamäki

Professor Rainer Mahlamäki is a Finnish architect, President of the Finnish Association of... more »

Raivo Kotov

Raivo Kotov is a notable Estonian architect. From 1995 to 2000 Raivo Kotov studied in the... more »

Raivo Puusepp

Raivo Puusepp is an Estonian architect. His notable works include: Main building of SEB in... more »

Raj Rewal

Raj Rewal is a leading Indian architect. more »

Rajka Vali

Valerija Raukar most commonly known by her stage name Rajka Vali was an Croatian pop music... more »

Ralph Adams Cram

Ralph Adams Cram was a prolific and influential American architect of collegiate and... more »

Ralph Anderson

Ralph D. Anderson was an architect, based in Seattle, Washington, USA. He was a founder of Ralph... more »

Ralph C. Harris

Ralph C. Harris was an architect working in Chicago during the first half of the 20th century... more »

Ralph Erskine

Ralph Erskine, CBRE, RFS, ARIBA was an architect and planner who lived and worked in Sweden for... more »

Ralph Haver

Ralph Haver was an architect working in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona, USA from 1945 until the... more »

Ralph Johnson

Ralph Johnson, FAIA is a prominent Chicago-based architect. He is a Principal and Design... more »

Ralph Knott

Ralph Knott FRIBA was a British architect responsible for building the massive 6-storey... more »

Ralph Rapson

Ralph Rapson was the head of architecture at the University of Minnesota for many years. He was... more »

Ralph Thomas Walker

Ralph Thomas Walker, FAIA, was an American architect, president of the American Institute of... more »

Ralph Tubbs

Ralph Tubbs, OBE, FRIBA was a British architect. Well known amongst the buildings he designed... more »

Ralph W. Brinton

Ralph W. Brinton was a British art director. He was nominated for an Academy Award in the... more »

Ram Karmi

Ram Karmi was a leading Israeli architect. He was head of the Tel Aviv-based Ram Karmi... more »

Ramón Torres Martínez

Ramón Torres Martínez is a Mexican architect. His 1950s designs were influenced by the Bauhaus... more »

Ramses Wissa Wassef

Ramses Wissa Wassef was an Egyptian architect and professor of art and architecture at the... more »

Randall Duell

Randall Duell was a film art director. more »

Randall Stout

Randall Stout is a Los Angeles, California based architect. more »

Randall Wells

Albert Randall Wells was an English Arts and Crafts architect, craftsman and inventor. He was... more »

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