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Ted McCoy

Edward John "Ted" McCoy, ONZM is a retired Dunedin, New Zealand architect. He designed the... more »

Temple Hoyne Buell

Temple Hoyne Buell was an American architect. Buell was born to a prominent Chicago family and... more »

Temple Lushington Moore

Temple Lushington Moore was an English architect who practised in London. He designed almost... more »

Tengiz Vachnadze

Tengiz Vachnadze is an architect. more »

Teodor Talowski

Teodor Marian Talowski was a Polish architect and painter. Because of his style, which combined... more »

Teodoro Ardemans

Teodoro de Ardemans was a Spanish architect and painter. He was a disciple of the painter... more »

Teodoro González de León

Teodoro González de León is a Mexican architect. more »

Teofil Żebrawski

Teofil Żebrawski was a Polish mathematician, bibliographer, architect, biologist, archeologist,... more »

Teófilo Carbonelí.

Project architect for the Columbus Lighthouse (El Faro a Colón) in Santa Domingo. more »

Teresa Żarnowerówna

Teresa Żarnowerówna was a Polish avant-garde artist, painter, sculptor, scenographer and... more »

Terje Moe

Terje Moe was a Norwegian architect. He was born in Oslo. He graduated from the Norwegian... more »

Terry Farrell

Sir Terry Farrell, CBE, RIBA, FRSA, FCSD, MRTPI is a British architect most widely known for the... more »

Terunobu Fujimori

Terunobu Fujimori is a Japanese architect and architectural historian. During the 1970s and 80s... more »

Tess Luthman

Tess Luthman is an architect, screenwriter and television director. more »

Tetsuro Yoshida

Tetsuro Yoshida was a Japanese architect. He graduated from Tokyo University and entered the... more »

Theo Crosby

Theo Crosby was an architect, editor, writer and sculptor, engaged with major developments in... more »

Theo Nussbaum

Theodor "Theo" Nussbaum was a German architect. In 1936 he won a bronze medal in the art... more »

Theo van Doesburg

Theo van Doesburg was a Dutch artist, who practised painting, writing, poetry and architecture... more »

Theodate Pope Riddle

Theodate Pope Riddle was an American architect. She was one of the first American women... more »

Theodor Fischer

Theodor Fischer was a German architect and teacher. Fischer planned public housing projects for... more »

Théodore Ballu

Théodore Ballu was a French architect. He entered the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts... more »

Theodore Heuck

Theodore C. Heuck was an architect, a merchant, and a painter. He designed The Queen's Medical... more »

Theodore Link

Theodore C. Link, FAIA, was a German-American architect. Born in Germany, Link trained in... more »

Theodore Wells Pietsch I

Theodore Wells Pietsch was a well-known American architect, best remembered for a large body of... more »

Theodorus of Samos

Theodorus of Samos was a 6th-century BC ancient Greek sculptor and architect from the Greek... more »

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