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Thomas Telford

Thomas Telford FRS, FRSE was a Scottish civil engineer, architect and stonemason, and a noted... more »

Thomas Tryon

Thomas Tryon was an American architect who practiced during the late 19th and early 20th... more »

Thomas Ustick Walter

Thomas Ustick Walter, born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was an American architect, the dean of... more »

Thomas Verity

Thomas Verity was an English theatre architect during the theatre building boom of... more »

Thomas Vonier

Thomas Vonier is a Paris-based architect and the founding president of AIA Continental Europe... more »

Thomas W. Fuller

Thomas William Fuller, the son of Thomas Fuller, was a Canadian architect. Before his selection... more »

Thomas W. Lamb

Thomas White Lamb was an American architect, born in Scotland. He is noted as one of the... more »

Thomas Waldron Sumner

Thomas Waldron Sumner was an architect and government representative in Boston, Massachusetts,... more »

Thomas Warr Attwood

Thomas Warr Attwood was an English builder, architect and local politician in Bath. He was a... more »

Thomas Warren Sears

Thomas Warren Sears was a noted American landscape architect. Sears was born in Brookline,... more »

Thomas Waters

Thomas James Waters was a British civil engineer and architect. He was active in Bakumatsu and... more »

Thomas Webster

Thomas Webster, Scottish geologist, was born in Orkney, and was educated at Aberdeen. He... more »

Thomas Wilson Williamson

Thomas Wilson Williamson was a Kansas architect who specialized in designing school buildings in... more »

Thomas Witlam Atkinson

Thomas Witlam Atkinson was an English architect, quarryman, stonemason, and travel... more »

Thomas Worthington

Thomas Worthington was a 19th-century English architect, particularly associated with public... more »

Thorvald Astrup

Thorvald Astrup was a Norwegian architect, particularly known for industrial architecture. Born... more »

Thorvald Bindesbøll

Thorvald Bindesbøll was a Danish architect. He was one of Denmark's most important architects at... more »

Thorvald Jørgensen

Thorvald Jørgensen was a Danish architect, most known for his design of Christiansborg Palace,... more »

Thure Hellström

Thure Hellström was a Swedish-Finn architect working on railroad stations for Rautatiehallitus... more »

Tiit Trummal

Tiit Trummal is a notable Estonian architect. Tiit Trummal graduated from the 2nd Secondary... more »

Tiko Campbell

Tiko Frederick Campbell is an architect in the Washington, DC area. He is the ex-husband of the... more »

Tilman-François Suys

Tilman-François Suys or Tieleman Frans Suys, was a Belgian architect who also worked in the... more »

Timothy Archambault

Timothy Archambault is an American Native American flutist, architect, and composer. more »

Timothy G. O'Connell

Timothy G. O’Connell was an American architect whose Boston-based practice specialized in... more »

Timothy L. Pflueger

Timothy Ludwig Pflueger was a prominent architect, interior designer and architectural lighting... more »

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