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Tommaso Mattei

Tommaso Mattei was a 17th-century Italian architect. He was a pupil of Carlo Fontana. Among his... more »

Tommaso Napoli

Tommaso Maria Napoli was an Italian architect, Dominican Order monk, engineer and mathematician. more »

Tommaso Vincidor

Tommaso di Andrea Vincidor was an Italian Renaissance painter and architect who trained with... more »

Tomomi Hayashi

Tomomi Hayashi is a notable Japanese-Estonian architect. From 1990 to 1994 Tomomi Hayashi... more »

Tõnis Kimmel

Tõnis Kimmel is a notable young Estonian architect. From 1984 to 1992 Tõnis Kimmel studied in... more »

Tõnu Laigu

Tõnu Laigu is a notable Estonian architect. From 1963 to 1974 Tõnu Laigu studied in the 46th... more »

Tony Cashmore

Antony John Brooke Cashmore is a well-known Australian golf course architect. He is a past... more »

Tony Chi

Tony Chi is a 2001 JBF Award winner for Outstanding Restaurant Graphics. more »

Tony Fretton

Tony Fretton is a British architect known for his residential and public gallery buildings, as... more »

Tony Garnier

Tony Garnier was a noted architect and city planner. He was most active in his hometown of Lyon... more »

Toros Toramanian

Toros Toramanian was a prominent Armenian architect. He is considered "the father of Armenian... more »

Toyo Ito

Toyo Ito is a Japanese architect known for creating conceptual architecture, in which he seeks... more »

Trausti Valsson

Trausti Valsson is a registered architect and urban planner and a professor of planning, at the... more »

Travis Price

Travis Price is an American architect, author, teacher, philosopher, and advocate of green... more »

Trdat the Architect

Trdat the Architect was the chief architect of the Bagratuni kings of Armenia, whose 10th... more »

Trevor Dannatt

Trevor Dannatt (1920 - ) is a British architect and writer. more »

Trevor Lee

Trevor Lee is an Australian architect who has directed himself to energy issues in the built... more »

Truman O. Angell

Truman Osborn Angell served many years as Church Architect for The Church of Jesus Christ of... more »

Tudor Rebengiuc

Tudor Rebengiuc is an architect and the son of actor Victor Rebengiuc. more »

Tumas Dingli

Tumas Dingli was an architect. His Father was called 'Gakbu', the Maltese name for Jacob while... more »


Saint Tuotilo was a medieval monk and composer. more »

Turpin Bannister

Turpin Chambers Bannister was one of the leading American architectural historians of his... more »

Tylman van Gameren

Tylman van Gameren, also Tilman or Tielman and Tylman Gamerski, was a Dutch-born Polish... more »

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