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Viktor Hartmann

Viktor Alexandrovich Hartmann was a Russian architect and painter. He was associated with the... more »

Viktor Kovačić

Viktor Kovačić was a Croatian architect. His projects are marked with subtle purity of reduced... more »

Viktor Rumpelmayer

Viktor Rumpelmayer was a 19th-century Austro-Hungarian architect, whose style was a combination... more »

Viktor Sulčič

Viktor Sulčič, also known as Víctor Sulcic, was a Slovenian born Art Deco architect in... more »

Vilen Künnapu

Vilen Künnapu is one of the most important Estonian architects of the last three decades, among... more »

Vilhelm Dahlerup

Jens Vilhelm Dahlerup was a Danish architect who specialized in the Historicist style. One of... more »

Vilhelm Helander

Arne Anders Vilhem Helander, is a Finnish architect and was Professor of Architecture History at... more »

Vilhelm Wohlert

Vilhelm Wohlert was a Danish architect. Wohlert was educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine... more »

Vilhelms Bokslafs

Vilhelms Bokslafs was a Baltic German architect in Riga. He is considered one of the most... more »

Viljo Revell

Viljo Revell was a Finnish architect of the functionalist school. In Finland he is best known... more »

Villard de Honnecourt

Villard de Honnecourt was a 13th-century artist from Picardy in northern France. He is known to... more »

Ville Hara

Ville Hara is a Finnish architect. He studied architecture at the Helsinki University of... more »

Villem Tomiste

Villem Tomiste is an Estonian architect. He graduated from high school in 1993 Tallinna... more »

Vincent Harris

Emanuel Vincent Harris OBE, RA, often known under the pseudonym E. Vincent Harris, was an... more »

Vincenzo Brenna

Vincenzo Brenna was an Italian architect and painter who was the house architect of Paul I of... more »

Vincenzo della Greca

Vincenzo della Greca was a 17th-century Italian architect. Della Greca born in Palermo on 5 Feb,... more »

Vincenzo Scamozzi

Vincenzo Scamozzi was a Venetian architect and a writer on architecture, active mainly in... more »

Vincenzo Sinatra

Vincenzo Sinatra was a Sicilian architect. He was a pupil of Rosario Gagliardi. Sinatra worked... more »

Virgil McDowell

Virgil McDowell is an architect. more »

Virgilio Rabaglio

Italian architect of the Riofrio Palace Segovia. more »

Virginio Colombo

Virginio Colombo was a prolific architect who completed close to 50 works in Buenos Aires in... more »

Virginio Vespignani

Virginio Vespignani was an Italian architect. Vespignani was born in Rome. A student of Luigi... more »

Vitaly Lagutenko

Vitaly Pavlovich Lagutenko was a Soviet architect and engineer. His studies of low-cost... more »

Vittorio Garatti

Vittorio Garatti is an Italian architect. more »

Vittorio Gregotti

Vittorio Gregotti is an Italian architect, born in Novara. He is head of the Gregotti Associati... more »