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Alfred T. Bricher

Alfred Thompson Bricher was a painter associated with White Mountain art and the Hudson River... more »

Alfred Thomas Agate

Alfred Thomas Agate was a noted American artist, painter and miniaturist. Agate lived in New... more »

Alfred Vance Churchill

Alfred Vance Churchill (1864 - 1949) was an American painter, art historian, and curator. more »

Alfred Wallis

Alfred Wallis was a Cornish fisherman and artist. His parents, Charles and Jane Wallis, were... more »

Alfredo Jaar

Alfredo Jaar is a Chilean-born artist, architect, and filmmaker who lives in New York. He was... more »

Alfredo Rostgaard

Alfredo Rostgaard was a Cuban graphic designer and artist. He was one of the leading designers... more »

Alfredo Sinclair

Alfredo Sinclair was a Panamanian artist. He was born in Panama City. He studied with Humberto... more »

Alice Aycock

Alice Aycock is an American sculptor. more »

Alice Baber

Alice Baber was an American abstract expressionist painter who worked in oil and watercolor. She... more »

Alice Instone

Alice Instone is an English artist. She makes paintings of women concerned with gender and power... more »

Alice Lok Cahana

Alice Lok Cahana is an Hungarian Holocaust survivor. She was a teenage inmate in the... more »

Alice Mason

Alice Trumbull Mason was an American abstract painter. She was descended from renowned history... more »

Alice Neel

Alice Neel was an American artist known for her oil on canvas portraits of friends, family,... more »

Alice Sarah Kinkead

Alice Sarah Kinkead was an Irish artist. more »

Alice Shaber

Alice Shaber is an artist. more »

Alice Tucker Atkinson

Alice Tucker Atkinson was a landscape painter and the mother of Sam Waterston. more »

Alicia Austin

Alicia Austin is a US fantasy and science fiction artist and illustrator. She works in... more »

Alicia Bay Laurel

Alicia Bay Laurel is an American artist, author, and musician. Laurel is best known for her 1970... more »

Alicia Paz

Alicia Paz is a Mexican artist who lives and works in London. She graduated from UC Berkeley,... more »

Alicja Trout

Alicja Trout is a Memphis-based American rock guitarist, singer, songwriter and artist. She is... more »

Alina Panova

Alina Panova is an American film and stage costume designer and producer. more »

Alise Zvirbule

Alise Zvirbule is the mother of Miks Zvirbulis. more »

Alison Elizabeth Taylor

Alison Elizabeth Taylor is an American artist based out of New York City. She is known for her... more »

Alison Jackson

Alison Jackson is an English artist known for her lookalike photographs of celebrities. She has... more »

Alison Knowles

Alison Knowles is an American artist who produces work that incorporates performance, radio and... more »

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