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Alex Fitzpatrick

Alex Fitzpatrick is the son of Richard Fitzpatrick and Lesley Walker. more »

Alex Grey

Alex Grey is an American artist specializing in spiritual and psychedelic art that is sometimes... more »

Alex Hartley

Alex Hartley is a British artist whose work addresses complicated and sometimes contradictory... more »

Alex Katz

Alex Katz is an American figurative artist. In particular, he is known for his paintings,... more »

Alex Maleev

Alex Maleev is a Bulgarian comic book illustrator, best known for the Marvel Comics' series... more »

Alex McVey

Alex McVey is an American fine artist and illustrator from Texas, mostly known for his work on... more »

Alex Milne

Alex Milne is a Canadian comic book artist, best known for his work on various Transformers... more »

Alex Niño

Alex Niño is a Filipino comic book artist best known for his work for the American publishers DC... more »

Alex Pardee

Alex Pardee is a freelance artist, apparel designer, and comics creator writer, best known for... more »

Alex Ross

Nelson Alexander "Alex" Ross is an American comic book writer/artist known primarily for his... more »

Alex Shmarinov

Alexis Shmarinov was an artist. more »

Alex Steinweiss

Alexander "Alex" Steinweiss was a graphic design artist known for inventing album cover art. more »

Alex Templeton-Ward

Alex Templeton-Ward is an English artist and musician. Templeton-Ward was the key writer behind... more »

Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov

Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov was a Russian painter who adhered to the waning tradition of... more »

Alexander Anthony Newley

Alexander Anthony Newley is an actor and a renowned portrait artist. more »

Alexander Archipenko

Alexander Porfyrovych Archipenko was a Ukrainian avant-garde artist, sculptor, and graphic artist. more »

Alexander Bogomazov

Alexander or Oleksandr Bogomazov was Ukrainian painter, known artist and modern art theoretician... more »

Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder was an American sculptor known as the originator of the mobile, a type of... more »

Alexander Egger

Alexander Egger is an Italian graphic designer, conceptionist, artist, writer and musician. He... more »

Alexander Evgenievich Ponomarev

Alexander Ponomarev is a Ukrainian artist who was awarded membership into the Ordre des Arts et... more »

Alexander Helwig Wyant

Alexander Helwig Wyant, he was an American landscape painter. Also known as Alexander Wyant, A... more »

Alexander L. Warshawsky

Alexander Warshawsky (March 29, 1887, Cleveland, Ohio - May 28, 1945, Los Angeles, California)... more »

Alexander Liberman

Alexander Semeonovitch Liberman was a Russian-American magazine editor, publisher, painter,... more »

Alexander Malinin

Aleksandr Malinin, in Russian Александр Малинин is a Russian singer who was named a People's... more »

Alexander McQueen

Lee Alexander McQueen, CBE was a British fashion designer and couturier. He is known for having... more »

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