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Heather Barrie

Heather Barrie is an artist and musician. more »

Heather Cooper

Heather Cooper is a Canadian artist and graphic designer who lives and works in Toronto,... more »

Heather Hannoura

Heather Hannoura is a Canadian artist, best known for her work on punk band Alkaline Trio's... more »

Heather Horton

Heather Margaret Horton is a Canadian artist. more »

Heather Jansch

Heather Jansch is a British sculptor notable for making life-sized sculptures of horses from... more »

Heather Spears

Heather Spears is a Canadian poet, novelist, and artist living in Denmark. Educated at the... more »

Heavenly Koh Wilson

Heavenly Koh Wilson is an attorney, artist, writer, and the wife of Scott Wilson. more »

Hedda Sterne

Hedda Sterne was an artist best remembered as the only woman in a group of Abstract... more »

Hedva Harechavi

Hedva Harekhavi, Israeli poet and artist, was born in 1941 in Degania Bet, one of the oldest... more »

Heide Lausen

Heide Lausen was an artist and photographer. more »

Heimir Björgúlfsson

Heimir Björgúlfsson is an Icelandic artist born in Reykjavík, Iceland in 1975. Heimir lives and... more »

Heinrich Füger

Heinrich Friedrich Füger was a German portrait and historical painter. more »

Heinrich Harder

Heinrich Harder was a German artist and an art professor at the Prussian Academy of Arts in... more »

Heinz Gappmayr

Heinz Gappmayr was an Austrian artist who created works of visual poetry. more »

Heinz Peter Knes

Heinz Peter Knes is a photographer. He is born in 1969 in Gemünden am Main, Germany. Heinz Peter... more »

Helen Bradley

Helen Layfield Bradley MBE was an English artist born in Lees, Lancashire, England. Her oil... more »

Helen Chadwick

Helen Chadwick was a British conceptual artist. more »

Helen Dahm

Helen Dahm was a Swiss artist and a follower of the expressionist movement. Helen Dahm was born... more »

Helen Escobedo

Helen "Elena" Escobedo was a Mexican sculptor and installation artist. Her career as an artist... more »

Helen Farr Sloan

Helen Farr Sloan was a patron of the arts, educator, accomplished artist and the second wife of... more »

Helen Frankenthaler

Helen Frankenthaler was an American abstract expressionist painter. She was a major contributor... more »

Helen J. Niles

Helen James Niles was an American painter and illustrator. more »

Helen Lundeberg

Helen Lundeberg was a Southern Californian painter. Along with her husband Lorser Feitelson, she... more »

Helen M. Turner

Helen M. Turner (1858 - 1958) was an American painter. more »

Helen Nelson Napaljarri

Helen Nelson Napaljarri, also known as Helen White Napajarri or Helen Spencer Napaljarri, is a... more »

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