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Seán Hillen

Seán Hillen is an artist whose work includes collages and the creative use of photographs. more »

Sean Hood

Sean Hood is an American screenwriter best known for horror films, and more recently,... more »

Sean Kenney

Sean Kenney is an artist recognized by The Lego Group as a Lego Certified Professional. He is... more »

Sean Kingston

Kisean Anderson, better known by his stage name Sean Kingston, is a Jamaican-American rapper,... more »

Sean Murphy

Sean Gordon Murphy is an American animator and comic book creator known for work on books such... more »

Sean Phillips

Sean Phillips is a British comic book artist, known for his work on DC Comics' Sleeper,... more »

Sean Scully

Sean Scully is an Irish-born American painter and printmaker who has twice been named a Turner... more »

Sebastian Horsley

Sebastian Horsley was a London artist best known for having undergone a voluntary crucifixion... more »

Sebastián Silva

Sebastián Silva is a Chilean director, screenwriter, painter and musician. more »


Richard "Richie" Mirando, known as Seen UA, born 1961 in The Bronx, New York, is one of the most... more »


D.RajaSegar known as Segar, is a Sri Lankan artist and sculptor. A self tutored artist born on... more »

Seiichi Yamamoto

Seiichi Yamamoto is a Japanese musician. more »

Seiji Tōgō

Seiji Togo was a Japanese painter and artist whose work is renowned for its unique depiction of... more »

Seldon Hunt

Seldon Hunt is an artist best known for his photography and his graphic artwork for rock... more »

Senga Nengudi

Senga Nengudi is an African-American visual artist best known for her abstract sculptures that... more »

Seonna Hong

Seonna Hong is a contemporary Los Angeles-based artist working in the genre known as lowbrow or... more »

Séraphine Louis

Séraphine Louis, known as "Séraphine de Senlis", was a French painter in the naïve style... more »


Serena is a bisexual American former pornographic actress. A teenage runaway, Serena was... more »

Serge Gainsbourg

Serge Gainsbourg was a French singer, songwriter, pianist, film composer, poet, painter,... more »

Serge Moati

Serge Moati is a French artist, journalist, film director and writer. Serge Moati is the brother... more »

Sergei Bezrukov

Sergey Vitalyevich Bezrukov PAR is a Russian screen and stage actor, People's Artist of Russia,... more »

Sergei Pakhomov

Sergei Pakhomov is an actor. more »

Sergei Ryabov

Sergei Ryabov is a Russian film director, artist, and animator. more »

Sergei Sviatchenko

Sergei Sviatchenko is a Ukrainian-born artist who lives in Denmark since 1990. Sviatchenko... more »

Sergey Balovin

Sergey Balovin is an artist and curator. Over the last several years he has participated and... more »

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