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Whitney Houston

Whitney Elizabeth Houston was an American recording artist, singer, actress, producer, and... more »

Wil Overton

Wil Overton is a British artist, specialising in manga styles. He has worked for a number of... more »

Wilburta Cartwright

Wilburta Cartwright was an artist. more »

Wilhelm Bendz

Wilhelm Ferdinand Bendz was a Danish painter mainly known for genre works and portraits which... more »

Wilhelm Gimmi

Wilhelm Gimmi (1886-1965) was a Swiss painter. more »

Wilhelm Hummel

Wilhelm Hummel was a Swiss painter. more »

Wilhelm von Kaulbach

Wilhelm von Kaulbach was a German painter, noted mainly as a muralist, but also as a book... more »

Will Barnet

Will Barnet was an American artist known for his paintings, watercolors, drawings, and prints... more »

Will Conrad

Will Conrad is an artist. more »

Will Cotton

Will Cotton is an American painter. His work primarily features landscapes composed of sweets,... more »

Will Eisner

William Erwin "Will" Eisner was an American cartoonist, writer, and entrepreneur. He was one of... more »

Will H. Bradley

William H. Bradley was an American Art Nouveau illustrator and artist. Nicknamed the "Dean of... more »

Will Hicok Low

Will Hicok Low was a United States artist, muralist, and writer on art. more »

Will James

Will James was an artist and writer of the American West. He is known for writing Smoky the... more »

Will Sampson

Will Sampson was an American actor and artist. more »

Willa Gray Martin

Willa Gray Martin is an artist and journalist. more »

Willa Shalit

Willa Shalit is an American artist, theatrical and television producer, photographer,... more »

Willard Wigan

Willard Wigan, MBE is an English sculptor from Ashmore Park Estate, Wednesfield, England, who... more »

Willem de Kooning

Willem de Kooning was a Dutch American abstract expressionist artist who was born in Rotterdam,... more »

Willem de Rooij

Willem de Rooij (born 1969) is a Dutch artist and filmmaker who collaborated with Dutch artist... more »

Willem Drost

Willem Drost was a Dutch Golden Age painter and printmaker of history paintings and portraits... more »

Willem Kalf

Willem Kalf was a Dutch Golden Age painter who specialized in still lifes. Later in his life,... more »

Willem Maris

Willem Maris was a Dutch landscape painter of the Hague School. more »

Willem Pieterszoon Buytewech

Willem Pieterszoon Buytewech was a Dutch Golden Age painter, draughtsman and etcher. He is one... more »

Willem van Aelst

Willem van Aelst was a Dutch artist who specialized in still-life painting with flowers or game. more »

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