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C. Gordon Fullerton

Charles Gordon Fullerton was a United States Air Force colonel, a USAF and NASA astronaut, and a... more »

Carl E. Walz

Carl Erwin Walz is a former NASA astronaut currently working for Orbital Sciences Corporation's... more »

Carl J. Meade

Carl Joseph Meade is a former NASA astronaut. more »

Carlos I. Noriega

Carlos Ismael Noriega is a Peruvian and U.S. citizen, NASA employee, a former NASA astronaut and... more »

Catherine Coleman

Catherine Grace "Cady" Coleman is an American chemist, a former United States Air Force officer,... more »

Charles Bassett

Charles Arthur "Charlie" Bassett II was a United States Air Force test pilot. He was selected as... more »

Charles Bolden

Charles Frank Bolden, Jr. is the current Administrator of NASA, a retired United States Marine... more »

Charles Camarda

Charles Joseph "Charlie" Camarda is an American engineer and a NASA astronaut who flew his first... more »

Charles D. Gemar

Charles Donald "Sam" Gemar is a former American astronaut with NASA and a Lieutenant Colonel in... more »

Charles D. Walker

Charles David "Charlie" Walker is an American engineer who flew on three Space Shuttle missions... more »

Charles E. Brady, Jr.

Charles Eldon Brady, Jr. was an American physician, a Captain in the United States Navy and a... more »

Charles Edward Jones

Colonel Charles Edward Jones was a United States Air Force officer, a computer programmer, and... more »

Charles J. Precourt

Charles Joseph Precourt is a retired NASA astronaut. His career in flight began at an early age,... more »

Charles L. Veach

Charles Lacy Veach was a USAF fighter pilot and NASA astronaut. more »

Charles Moss Duke, Jr.

Charles Moss "Charlie" Duke, Jr. is a retired US Air Force brigadier general, and a former... more »

Charles O. Hobaugh

Charles Owen "Scorch" Hobaugh is a NASA astronaut and a retired U.S. Marine Corps officer. He... more »

Charles Simonyi

Charles Simonyi, son of Károly Simonyi, is a Hungarian-American computer software executive who,... more »

Chiaki Mukai

Chiaki Mukai is a Japanese doctor, and JAXA astronaut. She was the first Japanese woman in... more »

Chris A. Hadifield

Chris A. Hadfield (Colonel, CAF, Ret.) is an astronaut in the Canadian Space Agency. more »

Chris Hadfield

Chris Austin Hadfield OOnt CD is a retired Canadian astronaut who was the first Canadian to walk... more »

Christa McAuliffe

Sharon Christa Corrigan McAuliffe was an American teacher from Concord, New Hampshire, and was... more »

Christer Fuglesang

Arne Christer Fuglesang is a Swedish physicist and an ESA astronaut. He was first launched... more »

Christopher Cassidy

Christopher John "Chris" Cassidy is a NASA astronaut and Navy SEAL. Chris Cassidy achieved the... more »

Christopher Ferguson

Christopher J. Ferguson is a retired United States Navy Captain and NASA astronaut. He was the... more »

Christopher Loria

Christopher Joseph "Gus" Loria is a retired United States Marine Corps Colonel and a medically... more »

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