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Takao Doi

Takao Doi is a Japanese astronaut and a veteran of two NASA space shuttle missions. Doi holds a... more »

Takuya Onishi

Takuya Onishi is a Japanese astronaut from JAXA, who was selected in 2009. Onishi was born in... more »

Talgat Musabayev

Talgat Amangeldyuly Musabayev, is a Kazakh test pilot and former cosmonaut who flew on three... more »

Tamara E. Jernigan

Tamara Elizabeth "Tammy" Jernigan, Ph.D. is an American scientist and former NASA astronaut and... more »

Tatyana Kuznetsova

Tatyana Dmitryevna Kuznetsova is a former Soviet cosmonaut. She is the youngest person ever... more »

Taufik Akbar

Taufik Akbar is an Indonesian engineer and former astronaut candidate. After graduating at the... more »

Taylor Wang

Taylor Gun-Jin Wang is an American scientist and in 1985, became the first ethnic Chinese person... more »

Terence T. Henricks

Terence Thomas "Tom" Henricks is a retired colonel in the United States Air Force and a former... more »

Terrence W. Wilcutt

Terrence Wade Wilcutt is a United States Marine Corps officer and a NASA astronaut. He is a... more »

Terry Hart

Terry Jonathan Hart is a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and former NASA... more »

Terry W. Virts

Terry W. Virts, Jr. is a NASA astronaut, and Colonel in the United States Air Force. more »

Theodore Freeman

Theodore Cordy "Teddy" Freeman was a NASA astronaut and a captain in the United States Air... more »

Thomas Akers

Thomas Dale Akers is a former American astronaut in NASA's Space Shuttle program. more »

Thomas David Jones

Thomas David Jones is a former United States astronaut. He was selected to the astronaut corps... more »

Thomas J. Hennen

Chief Warrant Officer 4 Thomas John Hennen is a United States Army warrant officer and NASA... more »

Thomas Marshburn

Thomas Henry "Tom" Marshburn is an American physician and a NASA astronaut. Marshburn was born... more »

Thomas P. Stafford

Thomas Patten Stafford is a retired American Air Force Lieutenant general and former NASA... more »

Thomas Pesquet

Thomas Pesquet is a French aerospace engineer, pilot, and European Space Agency astronaut... more »

Thomas Reiter

Thomas Arthur Reiter is a retired European astronaut and is a Brigadier General in the German... more »

Timothy Creamer

Timothy "TJ" Creamer is a NASA astronaut and a Colonel in the United States Army. Creamer was... more »

Timothy Kopra

Timothy Lennart Kopra is a Colonel in the United States Army and a NASA astronaut. He served... more »

Toktar Aubakirov

Toktar Ongarbayuly Aubakirov is a retired Kazakh Air Force officer and a former cosmonaut. more »

Toyohiro Akiyama

Toyohiro Akiyama is a Japanese TV journalist best known for his flight to the Mir space station... more »

Tracy Caldwell Dyson

Tracy Caldwell Dyson is an American chemist and NASA astronaut. Caldwell Dyson was a Mission... more »

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