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Valter Giuliani

Valter Giuliani è un astronomo italiano. Giuliani ha scoperto numerosi asteroidi, lavorando... more »


Varāhamihira, also called Varaha or Mihir, was an Indian astronomer, mathematician, and... more »

Vera Rubin

Vera Rubin is an American astronomer who pioneered work on galaxy rotation rates. She uncovered... more »

Vesto Slipher

Vesto Melvin Slipher was an American astronomer. His brother Earl C. Slipher was also an... more »

Vicente Mut Armengol

Vicente Mut i Armengol was a Mallorcan astronomer, engineer, historian, mathematician and... more »

Víctor Manuel Blanco

Víctor Manuel Blanco was a Puerto Rican astronomer who in 1959 discovered "Blanco 1," a galactic... more »

Viktor Hambardzumyan

Victor Amazaspovich Ambartsumian was a Soviet Armenian scientist, and one of the founders of... more »

Viktor Knorre

Viktor Karlovich Knorre Russian: Виктор Карлович Кнорре was a Russian astronomer of German... more »

Vincentio Reinieri

Vincentio Reinieri was an Italian mathematician and astronomer. He was a friend and disciple of... more »

Vincenzo Cerulli

Vincenzo Cerulli was an Italian astronomer who owned a private observatory in Teramo, where he... more »

Vincenzo Silvano Casulli

Vincenzo Silvano Casulli is an Italian astronomer. In 1985 he served on a team involved in using... more »

Vincenzo Zappalà

Vincenzo Zappalà is an Italian astronomer. He has discovered numerous asteroids, and 2813... more »

Violeta G. Ivanova

Violeta Ivanova is a Bulgarian astronomer. She sometimes signs Violeta G. Ivanova. She has... more »

Virginia Louise Trimble

Virginia Louise Trimble is an astronomer specializing in the structure and evolution of stars... more »

Vittorio Goretti

Vittorio Goretti is an Italian astronomer. He is a prolific discoverer of asteroids at his... more »

Vladimir Albitsky

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Albitzky was a Soviet/Russian astronomer. In modern English... more »

Vladimir Shkodrov

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Georgiev Shkodrov was a Bulgarian astronomer. Shkodrov discovered a number of... more »

Vsevolod V. Sharonov

Vsevolod V. Sharonov was a Russian astronomer. more »

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