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Alexandre Gaiotto

Alexandre Gaiotto is an audio engineer and a mastering engineer. more »

Alexandre Rogoski

Alexandre Rogoski is a sound editor and mixer. more »

Alexandre Widmer

Alexandre Widmer is an audio engineer and a sound editor. more »

Alexey Gorchitza

Alexey Gorchitza is a composer, arranger, record producer, musician and audio engineer. more »

Alexis Marzin

Alexis Marzin is a sound mixer. more »

Alexis Vanier

Alexis Vanier is a cinematographer, film producer and audio engineer. more »

Alfonso Rodenas

Alfonso Rodenas is an audio engineer/mixer. more »

Alfredo Mathus

Alfredo Mathus is a recording engineer/mixer. more »

Ali Merchant

Ali Merchant is a film crewmember of the Sound Department. more »

Alireza Alavian

Alireza Alavian is a sound designer and editor. more »

Alison Gregory

Alison Gregory is a sound mixer. more »

Allan Byer

Allan Byer is an audio engineer. more »

Allan Leschhorn

Allan Leschhorn is a Latin Grammy awarded mixing engineer, audio engineer and record producer. more »

Allan Scarth

Allan Scarth is a sound re-recording mixer. more »

Allan Zaleski

Allan Zaleski is a sound technician. more »

Allen L. Stone

Allen L. Stone is a re-recording mixer. more »

Allen Patapoff

Allen Patapoff works in film and television in the sound department. more »

Allison Jackson

Allison Jackson is a sound mixer. more »

Alok De

Alok De is a sound mixer. more »


Alvaro is a Latin Grammy winner audio engineer. more »

Álvaro Alencar

Álvaro Alencar is a sound engineer. more »

Alvaro Villagra

Alvaro Villagra is a recording engineer. more »

Anders Lindström

Anders Lindström or Boba Fett as he is often called is a Swedish rock musician most known for... more »

Andre Logan

Andre Logan is an audio engineer. more »

Andre Perreault

Andre Perreault is a sound re-recording mixer. more »

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