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Armand Hirsch

Armand Hirsch is an American guitarist/multi-instrumentalist/producer, who plays predominantly... more »

Armando Avila

Armando Avila is an audio engineer/mixer and record producer. more »

Armando Torres Jr.

Armando Torres Jr. is a sound technician. more »

Armelle Mahé

Armelle Mahé is a Sound Mixer. more »

Armin Steiner

Armin Steiner is a Latin Grammy winner record producer, audio engineer and mixing engineer. more »

Arne Akselberg

Arne Akselberg is a sound engineer. more »

Árni Benediktsson

Árni Benediktsson is an audio engineer more »

Arnold Braun

Arnold Braun is a sound mixer. more »

Arnold Finkelstein

Arnold Finkelstein is a production sound mixer. more »

Arnon Afriat

Arnon Afriat is a film score composer and audio engineer. more »

Arran Murphy

Arran Murphy is an audio engineer. more »

Art Rochester

Art Rochester is a film production sound mixer. more »

Art Schiro

Art Schiro is an audio engineer. more »

Arthur Johns

Arthur Johns was an American sound engineer. He won an Academy Award for Best Special Effects... more »

Arthur Piantadosi

Arthur Piantadosi was a sound engineer. more »

Arturo "Turra" Medina

Arturo "Turra" Medina is an audio engineer and mixer. more »

Arturo Ortiz

Arturo Ortiz is a Latin Grammy nominated audio engineer. more »

Asier Gonzalez

Asier Gonzalez is a sound recordist. more »


Astennu is the professional name of Australian heavy metal musician Jamie Stinson. His name is... more »

Atticus Ross

Atticus Ross is an English musician, composer and producer. Ross, along with Trent Reznor, won... more »

Austin Green

Austin Green is a Grammy award-winning audio/mix engineer more »

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