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Dae Bennett

Dae Bennett is an audio engineer/mixer. more »

Dale Bigall

Dale Bigall is an audio engineer. more »

Dale Crover

Dale Crover is an American rock musician. Crover is best known as the drummer for Melvins and... more »


Dalton is a Latin Grammy winner audio engineer. more »

Damian Taylor

Damian Taylor is a Grammy-nominated music producer born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and currently... more »

Dan Dugan

Dan Dugan is an American audio engineer, inventor, and nature sounds recordist. He was the first... more »

Dan Duzla

Dan Duzla is an audio engineer/mixer. more »

Dan Ferat

Dan Ferat is a film crew member in the 1996 film Comrades: Almost a Love Story. more »

Dan Gleich

Dan Gleich is a sound mixer and recordist. more »

Dan Grech-Marguerat

Daniel James Grech-Marguerat is an English recording engineer, record producer and mixer. His... more »

Dan Healy

Dan Healy is an audio engineer who often worked with the American rock band the Grateful Dead... more »

Dan Hiland

Dan Hiland is a re-recording mixer. more »

Dan Jaspar

Dan Jaspar is a sound designer. more »

Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson is a film crew member in the 2012 film Grabbers. more »

Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson is an American drummer for Korn guitarist Brian Welch and Love and Death as well as... more »

Dan Lucas

Dan Lucas is a British musician and record producer, although he personally styled himself as a... more »

Dan Monti

Dan Monti, also known by his stage name Del Rey Brewer, is a musician, composer, producer and... more »

Dan Olmsted

Dan Olmsted is an audio engineer. more »

Dan Pinto

Dan Pinto is a BMI composer/keyboardist/drummer-percussionist who writes and performs music in... more »

Dan Romer

Dan Romer is an acclaimed music producer, recording engineer, mixer and film composer. Currently... more »

Dan Sexton

Dan Sexton is a sound effects editor. more »

Dan Swanö

Dan-Erland Swanö is a Swedish musician who is currently the vocalist, guitarist, ex-bassist and... more »

Dan the Automator

Daniel M. Nakamura, better known by the stage name Dan the Automator, is an American hip hop... more »

Dan Van Bever

Dan Van Bever is an audio engineer. more »

Dan Wallin

Dan Wallin is an American sound engineer. He was nominated for two Academy Awards in the... more »

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