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Dan Wool

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, where he played in the punk rock band The Strikers, Dan... more »

Dana Farzanehpour

Dana Farzanehpour is an actor and an audio engineer. more »

Dana Mark McClure

Dana Mark McClure works in film and television in the sound department. more »

Daniel Birch

Daniel Birch is a film crew member in the 2012 film Grabbers. more »

Daniel Brennan

Daniel Brennan is a sound re-recording mixer. more »

Daniel Carvalho

Daniel Carvalho is a mixer and a recording engineer. more »

Daniel D. Monahan

Daniel D. Monahan is a sound mixer. more »

Daniel Fontaine-Bégin

Daniel Fontaine-Bégin is a film producer,sound editor and sound mixer. more »

Daniel Granstedt

Daniel Granstedt, guitarist and member of the Swedish metal band Headplate. He has also... more »

Daniel Griese

Daniel Griese is a film foley artist, sound editor and sound re-recording mixer. more »

Daniel Guerra

Daniel Guerra is a sound mixer and recordist. more »

Daniel J. Bloomberg

Daniel J. Bloomberg was an Academy award-winning audio engineer. Bloomberg's first Hollywood... more »

Daniel J. Leahy

Daniel J. Leahy is a sound re-recording mixer. more »

Daniel Jimenez Afanador

Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Engineer/Guitarist Daniel Jimenez Afanador was born in Bogotá,... more »

Daniel Lanois

Daniel Lanois is a Canadian record producer, guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. Lanois has... more »

Daniel Latour

Daniel Latour is a sound recordist. more »

Daniel Lerner

Daniel Lerner is an audio and mixing engineer. more »

Daniel Musy

Daniel Musy is a musician and a Latin Grammy nominated audio engineer. more »

Daniel Ovie

Daniel Ovie is an audio engineer and mixing engineer. more »

Daniel Pellerin

Daniel Pellerin is a nominee in the 14th Annual Gemini Award for Best Sound in an... more »

Daniel Rosen

Daniel Rosen is a film score composer more »

Daniel S. McCoy

Daniel S. McCoy is an audio engineer, TV editor and cinematographer. more »

Daniel Shores

Daniel Shores is an audio engineer. more »

Daniel Sobrino

Daniel Sobrino is a sound mixer and sound recording mixer. more »

Danilo Sterbini

Danilo Sterbini is an audio engineer more »

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