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Geoff Foster

Geoff Foster is an English recording a mix engineer best known for his work on numerous film scores. more »

Geoff Harden

Geoff Harden was a journalist, broadcaster, recording engineer and folk music promoter. Born in... more »

Geoff Raffan

Geoff Raffan is a 2014 Canadian Screen Award for Best Sound in an Information/Documentary or... more »

Geoff Sanoff

Geoff Sanoff is an audio engineer/mixer. more »

George Dutton

George Dutton was an American sound engineer. He was nominated for five Academy Awards; three in... more »

George E. Simpson Jr.

George E. Simpson Jr. is a boom operator and sound mixer. more »

George Goen

George Goen is a sound mixer. more »

George Groves

George Robert Groves was a film sound pioneer who played a significant role in developing the... more »

George Leverett

George Leverett was an American sound engineer. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best... more »

George Marinelli

George Marinelli is best known as 'the other guitarist' in Bonnie Raitt's killer band since 1993. more »

George Martin

Sir George Henry Martin CBE is an English record producer, arranger, composer, conductor, audio... more »

George Massenburg

George Y. Massenburg is a recording engineer and inventor. Working principally in Baltimore, Los... more »

George Meyer

George Meyer is a re-recording mixer. more »

George Porter

George Porter is an audio engineer. more »

George Shilling

George Edward Shilling is an English musician, record producer, composer and audio engineer. He... more »

George Stephenson

George Stephenson is a sound mixer. more »

George Tarrant

George Tarrant works in the film and television industry in the sound department. more »

George Trevis

George Trevis is a boom operator and sound maintenance. more »

George Whitty

George Whitty is a musician/composer/producer/engineer currently living in Los Angeles. He's... more »

Gerald Haddon

Gerald Haddon is a record producer, songwriter, composer, musical director, multi-instrumentalist... more »

Gerhard Auer

Gerhard Auer is an audio engineer. more »

Gerry Brown

Gerry “The Gov.” Brown is an Grammy Award winning recording engineer and producer based in Los... more »

Gerry Humphreys

Gerry Humphreys was a Welsh sound engineer. He was nominated for two Academy Awards in the... more »

Gethin Creagh

Gethin Creagh is a film sound re-recording mixer. more »

Gianfranco Cabiddu

Gianfranco Cabiddu is an audio engineer and film director. more »

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