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Pablo Munguia

Pablo Munguia is an audio engineer, music playback mixer and pro tools mixer. more »

Pablo Muniz

Pablo Muniz is a Latin Grammy Award winning audio engineer. more »

Paddy Hanlon

Paddy Hanlon is a Sound Engineer. more »

Padraig Whitmore

Padraig Whitmore is an audio engineer. more »

Palmer Norris

Palmer Norris is a sound mixer. more »


Dan Lacksman, is a composer and sound engineer, Belgian artist and member of Telex, director of... more »

Pascal Garneau

Pascal Garneau is a sound editor, sound effects editor, sound designer, sound re-recording... more »

Pat Kirtley

Pat Kirtley is a US-American fingerstyle guitarist, composer and guitar educator. more »

Patrice Mendez

Patrice Mendez is an audio engineer. more »

Patricia Masterson

Patricia Masterson is a recording engineer. more »

Patrick Baltzell

Patrick Baltzell is a sound mixer and house PA mixer. more »

Patrick Boland

Patrick Boland is a sound recordist. more »

Patrick Cyccone Jr.

Patrick Cyccone Jr. is a Sound Re-Recording Mixer. more »

Patrick Dillett

Patrick Dillett is a Latin Grammy winning audio engineer and record producer. more »

Patrick Haskill

Patrick Haskill is a winner in the 2003 Gemini Award for Best Sound in a Dramatic Series. more »

Patrick Knipe

Patrick Knipe is a sound specialist. more »

Patrick Lucatorto

Pat Lucatorto is a sound mixer and was a 2013 nominee for Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding... more »

Patrick Rousseau

Patrick Rousseau is a sound recordist and a sound mixer. more »

Patrick Stolley

Patrick Stolley is an American audio engineer, singer, songwriter, and producer. He is a... more »

Patrik Jerksten

Anders Patrik Jerksten aka Patrik J., Patrik J. Sten or Pat Power, born July 19, 1974 in Sweden,... more »

Patrik Majer

Patrik Majer ist ein Berliner Musikproduzent, Toningenieur und Musiker tschechischer Herkunft... more »

Paul A. Sharpe

Paul A. Sharpe is a sound re-recording mixer. more »

Paul Acedo

Paul Acedo is an audio engineer. more »

Paul Bang

Paul Bang is a sound mixer. more »

Paul Bercovitch

Paul Bercovitch is a sound editor, dialogue editor and a sound re-recording mixer. more »

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