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Rafa Sardina

Rafa Sardina is an audio and recording engineer. more »

Rafael Arcaute

Rafael Arcaute is a songwriter, record producer, audio engineer and mix engineer. more »

Rafael Lazzaro

Rafael Lazzaro is an audio and mixing engineer. more »

Rafael Peón

Rafael Peón is an audio engineer. more »

Raffaele De Luca

Raffaele De Luca is an audio engineer. more »

Rafo Arbulú

Rafo Arbulú is an audio engineer. more »

Rainer Plabst

Rainer Plabst is a sound technician and mixer. more »

Rainier Buidin

Rainier Buidin is a sound mixer and sound recordist. more »

Ralf Krause

Ralf Krause is a sound mixer. more »

Ralph Peer

Ralph Sylvester Peer was an American talent scout, recording engineer and record producer in the... more »

Ralph Thiekötter

Ralph Thiekötter is a sound mixer. more »

Ramiro Serna

Ramiro Serna is a Latin Grammy winning audio engineer. more »

Ramon Martinez

Ramon Martinez is an audio engineer. more »

Rana Eid

Rana Eid is a sound editor and sound designer. more »

Randy Kiss

Randy Kiss is a sound mixer. more »

Randy Lawson

Randy Lawson is a Film Producer and Sound Mixer. more »

Randy Torres

Randy Torres is a guitarist, keyboardist and background vocalist who previously played for the... more »

Rasmus Winther

Rasmus Winther is an audio engineer. more »

Ravi Dev Singh

Ravi Dev Singh is a sound specialist. more »

Ray Beckett

Ray Beckett is a British sound engineer. He won an Academy Award in the category Best Sound for... more »

Ray Cymoszinski

Ray Cymoszinski is a film crewmember of the Sound Department. more »

Ray Erlenborn

Ray Erlenborn was an American vaudevillian, voice actor and sound effects artist. He is known to... more »

Ray O'Reilly

Ray O'Reilly is a re-recording mixer. more »

Ray West

Ray West is an American sound engineer. He won an Academy Award for Best Sound for the film Star... more »

Rei Peña

Rei Pena is a Latin Grammy winner audio engineer. more »

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