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Abd al-Aziz ibn Baz

Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz, was a Saudi Arabian Islamic scholar and a leading proponent of... more »

Abd al-Rahman al-Fazazi

Abu Zayd Abd al-Rahman ibn Yakhlaftan ibn Ahmad al-Fazazi was a poet and mystic. He is... more »

Abd Al-Rahman Ali Al-Jifri

as-Sayyid AbdulRahman Ali AlJifri is a Yemeni opposition leader. He was the Vice-President of... more »

Abd al-Wahhab Al-Bayati

Abd al-Wahhab al-Bayati was an Iraqi poet. He was a pioneer in his field and defied conventional... more »


Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, also known as Abd-ru-shin or Abdruschin is best known as the author of... more »

Abdallah ibn al-Mu'tazz

Abdallah ibn al-Mu'tazz was persuaded to assume the role of caliph of the Abbasid dynasty... more »

Abdallah ibn Buluggin

Abdallah ibn Buluggin, also known as Al-Muzaffar, the conqueror, is the grandson of Badis ibn... more »

Abdallah Marrash

Abdallah bin Fathallah bin Nasrallah Marrash was a writer involved in various Arabic-language... more »

Abdallah Salim Bawazir

Abdallah Salim Bawazir was a renowned Yemeni novelist, short story writer, columnist and author... more »

Abdalqadir as-Sufi

Abdalqadir as-Sufi is a Shaykh of Tarbiyah, leader of the Darqawi-Shadhili-Qadiri Tariqa,... more »

Abdel Rahman el-Abnudi

Abdel Rahman el-Abnudi is a popular Egyptian poet, and more recently a children's books writer... more »

Abdel Rahman Shokry

Abdel Rahman Shokry was an Egyptian poet from the Diwan school of poets, born on 12 October... more »

Abdel Tawab Youssef

Abdel Tawab Youssef is a writer. more »

Abdel-Rahman Fahmi

Abdel-Rahman Fahmi was an author. His son is the composer Yasser Abdel Rahman. more »

Abdelaziz al-Maghrawi

Abu Faris abd al-Aziz al-Maghrawi was a Moroccan poet and the first known author of a qasida... more »

Abdelaziz al-Malzuzi

Abu Faris Abdelaziz ibn Abdarrahman al-Malzuzi al-Miknasi is considered to be the greatest poet... more »

Abdelfattah Kilito

Abdelfattah Kilito is a well known Moroccan writer. He was born in Rabat in 1945. He is the... more »

Abdelhadi Said

Abdelhadi Said is a Moroccan poet. His first collection of poems has received the "prix de... more »

Abdelkader Alloula

Abdelkader Alloula was an Algerian playwright. He was assassinated by Islamists. more »

Abdelkader Benali

Abdelkader Benali is a Moroccan-Dutch writer and journalist. He has been described as one of the... more »

Abdelkarim Tabbal

Abdelkarim Tabbal is a poet. Tabbal first published his poems in 1952 in the magazine Al-Anis... more »

Abdelkebir Khatibi

Abdelkebir Khatibi was a Moroccan literary critic, novelist and playwright. Affected in his late... more »

Abdelkrim Ghallab

Abdelkrim Ghallab is a Moroccan political journalist, cultural commentator, and novelist. He is... more »

Abdellatif Laabi

Abdellatif Laâbi is a Moroccan poet, born in 1942 in Fes, Morocco. Laâbi, then teaching French,... more »

Abdelmajid Benjelloun

Abdelmajid Benjelloun is a Moroccan author, historian and poet. He is a specialist in the... more »