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I Made Bandem

Prof. Dr. I Made Bandem is a Balinese dancer, artist, author, and educator. See:... more »

I-Kang Ding

I-Kang Ding was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

I. D. du Plessis

Izak David du Plessis, who published under the name I.D. du Plessis, is an Afrikaans-language... more »

I. Dragoslav

I. Dragoslav or Ion Dragoslav, pen names of Ion V. Ivaciuc or Ion Sumanariu Ivanciuc, was a... more »

I. H. N. Evans

Ivor Hugh Norman Evans was a British anthropologist, ethnographer and archaeologist who spent... more »

I. K. Taimni

I. K. Taimni was a Professor of Chemistry at the Allahabad University in India, and an... more »

I. L. Peretz

Isaac Leib Peretz, best known as I.L. Peretz, was a Yiddish language author and playwright... more »

I. Michael Lerner

Isador Michael Lerner was a prominent geneticist and evolutionary biologist. Born in Harbin,... more »

I. N. C. Aniebo

Ifeanyichukwu Ndubuisi Chikezie Aniebo, commonly known as I. N. C. Aniebo, is a Nigerian... more »

I. R. Christie

Ian Ralph Christie was a British historian specialising in late 18th-century Britain. He spent... more »

Iain Banks

Iain Banks was a Scottish author. He wrote mainstream fiction under the name Iain Banks, and... more »

Iain Blair

Iain Blair was a Scottish actor and author who, using the pen name Emma Blair wrote a series of... more »

Iain Dale

Iain Campbell Dale is best known for his British political blog Iain Dale's Diary and for his... more »

Iain Finlay

Iain Finlay is an Australian author and journalist. He cofounded the science and technology... more »

Iain Gale

Iain Gale is a journalist and author born in 1959, who writes military novels. His book Four... more »

Iain Hollingshead

Iain Hollingshead is a British freelance journalist and novelist. Iain writes feature articles... more »

Iain Johnstone

Iain Johnstone is an English author and broadcaster. In April 2010, he published two books,... more »

Iain Landles

Iain Joseph Robert Landles is an English playwright. more »

Iain Lauchlan

Iain Lauchlan ist ein schottischer Produzent, Schauspieler, Drehbuchautor, Dramatiker und Regisseur. more »

Iain Lawrence

Iain Lawrence is a bestselling author for children and young adults. He studied journalism at... more »

Iain Levison

Iain Levison is a Scottish-American writer born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1963. more »

Iain Lom

Iain Lom MacDonald was a Scottish Gaelic poet. more »

Iain McGilchrist

Iain McGilchrist is a psychiatrist, doctor, writer, and former Oxford literary scholar... more »

Iain McKell

Iain McKell is a fashion, portrait and social documentary photographer whose work has been... more »

Iain Pears

Iain Pears is an English art historian, novelist and journalist. He was educated at Warwick... more »

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