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Arthur B. Krim

Arthur B. Krim was an American entertainment lawyer, the former finance chairman for the U.S... more »

Arthur B. Metzner

Arthur B. Metzner was a Canadian born United States professor of chemical engineering and noted... more »

Arthur Bache Walkom

Arthur Bache Walkom was an Australian palaeobotanist and museum director. Walkom was born in... more »

Arthur Browne

Arthur Browne is an editor. more »

Arthur Cambridge

Arthur Cambridge is an award winner. more »

Arthur Kleiner

Arthur Kleiner was a film score composer. more »

Arthur Lewis

Arthur Lewis is a television director. more »

Arthur Loveridge

Arthur Loveridge was a British biologist and herpetologist who wrote about animals in East... more »

Arthur Lupia

Arthur Lupia is an American political scientist. He is the Hal R. Varian Professor of Political... more »

Arthur Marotti

Arthur Marotti is a 1975 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

Arthur Oldham

Arthur William Oldham was an English composer and choirmaster. He founded the Edinburgh Festival... more »

Arthur Omre

Arthur Omre was a Norwegian novelist and writer of short stories. Omre hailed from Vestfold... more »

Arthur P. Shimamura

Arthur P. Shimamura is a professor of psychology and faculty member of the Helen Wills... more »

Arthur Stoll

Arthur Stoll was a Swiss biochemist. more »

Arthur V. Kreiger

Arthur V. Kreiger (born 1945) is an American composer, and professor at Connecticut College. He... more »

Arthur Võõbus

Arthur Võõbus was an Estonian scholar of Syriac language. Arthur Võõbus was born in Matjama... more »

Arthur W. Hummel, Sr.

Arthur William Hummel, Sr. was an American Christian missionary to China, head of the Asian... more »

Arthur Wehnelt

Arthur Rudolph Berthold Wehnelt was a German physicist, noted for important contributions in the... more »

Arthur Westing

Arthur Westing is a 1973 Guggenheim Fellow in Natural Sciences. more »

Arthur William Galston

Arthur W. Galston was an American botanist and bioethicist. As a graduate student, he identified... more »

Artie Torgersen

Artie Torgersen is a sound re-recording mixer. more »

Arturo Brena

Arturo Brena is a nominee & the award winner of the 31st Sports Emmy Award for The George Wensel... more »

Arturo Carrera

Arturo Carrera is an Argentine poet born on 27 March 1948 in Coronel Pringles, Buenos Aires... more »

Arun G. Phadke

Dr. Arun Phadke is a University Distinguished Professor emeritus in the Department of Electrical... more »

Arundhati Mukherjee

Arundhati Mukherjee was a film producer. more »

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