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Alfred Chester

Alfred Chester was an American writer known for his provocative, experimental work, including... more »

Alfred Daniel Hall

Sir Alfred Daniel Hall, FRS, sometimes known as Sir Daniel Hall was a British agricultural... more »

Alfred Des Cloizeaux

Alfred Louis Olivier Legrand Des Cloizeaux was a French mineralogist. Des Cloizeaux was born at... more »

Alfred E. Emerson

Alfred Edwards Emerson was an American biologist, Professor of Zoology at the University of... more »

Alfred Gordon Gaydon

Alfred Gordon Gaydon was a leading spectroscopist and combustion scientist. He was brought up at... more »

Alfred Hauge

Alfred Hauge was a Norwegian novelist, poet and historian. Hauge wrote extensively about life on... more »

Alfred Lion

Alfred Lion was a Jewish German-born American record executive who co-founded Blue Note Records... more »

Alfred Mueller

Alfred H. Mueller is an American theoretical physicist. Mueller studied at Iowa State... more »

Alfred Newton Richards

Alfred Newton Richards was an American pharmacologist. more »

Alfredo Bosi

Alfredo Bosi is a Brazilian historian, literary critic, and professor. He is member of the... more »

Alfredo M. Santos

General Alfredo M. Santos was Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in 1962 to... more »

Alfredo Matheus

Alfredo Matheus is a recording engineer. more »

Alfredo Ripstein

Alfredo Ripstein was a Mexican film producer. He is credited with helping shape Mexico's film... more »

Alfredo Rosas Priego

Alfredo Rosas Priego is a film editor and producer. more »

Ali Morani

Ali Morani is a film producer. more »

Alice Biddle

Alice Biddle is a drafter. more »

Alice Temperley

Alice Temperley MBE is a British fashion designer based in London. Her fashion label, Temperley... more »

Alice Wexler

Alice Wexler is an author. more »

Alicia Burley

Alicia Burley, is an American model. She was Playboy 's Cyber Girl of the Month for June 2003,... more »

Alicia Castro

Alicia Castro is a film art director. more »

Alicia Lourteig

Alicia Lourteig was an Argentine botanist. more »

Alicia Stevenson

Alicia Stevenson works in film and television in the sound department. more »

Alisa Krasnostein

Alisa Krasnostein is an editor. more »

Alison Clark

Alison Clark is a film and television editor. more »

Alison Gilham

Alison Gilham is a scenic artist. more »

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