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Claire Kremen

Claire Kremen is an American biologist, and professor of conservation biology at University of... more »

Claire Porter

Claire Porter is an American choreographer/comedienne known for blending comedic monologues with... more »

Claire Preston

Claire Preston is a 2008 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

Claire Sanfilippo

Claire Sanfilippo worked in Sound Department. more »

Clare Cavanagh

Clare Cavanagh is a 1998 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

Clare Herbert

Clare Herbert works in the film and television industry in the visual effects department. more »

Clare Spragge

Clare Spragge is a costume supervisor. more »

Clarence Williams

Clarence Williams is a Pulitzer-prize winning photojournalist. more »

Clark Harris Slover

Clark Harris Slover is a 1925 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

Clark Hulse

Clark Hulse is a 1987 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

Clark King

Clark King is a sound mixer and a production sound mixer. more »

Clark Peterson

Clark Peterson is an American film producer and entertainment executive. more »

Claude Ambrose Rogers

Claude Ambrose Rogers FRS was an English mathematician who worked in analysis and geometry. Much... more »

Claude Berrou

Claude Berrou is a French professor in electrical engineering at École Nationale Supérieure des... more »

Claude de Baissac

Claude Denis Boucherville de Baissac, DSO and bar, CdeG, known as Claude de Baissac or by his... more »

Claude Julien Rawson

Claude Julien Rawson is a 1991 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

Claude Pichois

Claude Pichois was a 1978 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

Claude Theriault

Claude Theriault is a digital paint artist. more »

Claude Welch

Claude Raymond Welch was a historical theologian specializing in Karl Barth and... more »

Claudine Doury

Claudine Doury is a French photographer living in Paris. more »

Claudine Merlin

Claudine Merlin is a film editor. more »

Claudine Palmer

Claudine Palmer is a model. more »

Claudio Naranjo

Claudio Naranjo is a Chilean-born psychiatrist who is considered a pioneer in integrating... more »

Claus Boje

Claus Boje is a film producer. more »

Claus Henning Voss

Claus Henning Voss is a film producer. more »

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