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Charles Hedley

Charles Hedley was a naturalist, active in Australia and winner of the 1925 Clarke Medal. more »

Charles James

Charles Wilson Brega James was a British-born fashion designer known as "America's First... more »

Charles John Andersson

Karl John Andersson was a Swedish explorer, hunter and trader as well as an amateur naturalist... more »

Charles K. Bockelman

Charles Kincaid Bockelman was an American nuclear physicist and deputy provost of Yale... more »

Charles Kennel

Charles F. Kennel is an American scientist and member of the United States National Academy of... more »

Charles L. Kimball

Charles L. Kimball was a film editor. more »

Charles Le Quintrec

Charles Le Quintrec was a French poet. He was born in Plescop and died in Lorient. He was a... more »

Charles Leatherland

Charles Leatherland is a draughtsman. more »

Charles M. Newman

Charles Michael "Chuck" Newman is a mathematician and a physicist at the Courant Institute of... more »

Charles M. Rick

Charles M. Rick was a plant geneticist and botanist who pioneered research on the origins of the... more »

Charles Mengel Allen

Charles Mengel Allen was a United States federal judge. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Allen... more »

Charles Muscatine

Charles Muscatine was an American academic specializing in medieval literature, particularly... more »

Charles Nelson

Charles Nelson was a film editor. more »

Charles Patsos

Charles Patsos is a theatrical producer. more »

Charles Pollock

Charles Cecil Pollock was an American abstract painter and the eldest brother of artist Jackson... more »

Charles Porter IV

Charles Porter IV is a Pulitzer prize-winning photographer. more »

Charles R. Rogers

Charles R. Rogers was a film producer. more »

Charles Randazzo

Charles Randazzo is a tv and film editor. more »

Charles Ross

Charles Ross is an American sculptor and earthwork artist. In 2011, he was named a Guggenheim... more »

Charles S. Ryckman

Charles S. Ryckman is a Pulitzer-prize winning writer. more »

Charles Samuel Franklin

Charles Samuel Franklin, who published as C. S. Franklin, was a noted British radio... more »

Charles Sibley

Charles Gald Sibley was an American ornithologist and molecular biologist. He had an immense... more »

Charles Smith

Charles Smith was the winner of the 1974 Shell International Award of the British Academy for... more »

Charles Spiro

Charles Spiro was an American inventor and an attorney who held 200 patents and patented... more »

Charles Stewart

Charles Stewart is a television director. more »

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