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Felicity Cottrell

Felicity Cottrell is a foley artist. more »

Felix Baumgartner

Felix Baumgartner is an Austrian skydiver, daredevil and BASE jumper. He set the world record... more »

Félix Bergés

Félix Bergés is a film crewmember. more »

Ferdinand K. Levy

Ferdinand K. Levy was a famous management scientist with several important contributions to... more »

Ferdinando Merolla

Ferdinando Merolla is a hair stylist. more »

Fermín Galán

Fermín Galán is a hair stylist. more »

Fernando Álvarez

Fernando Álvarez is a recording engineer. more »

Fernando Illan

Fernando Illan is a record producer. more »

Fernando Nottebohm

Fernando Nottebohm is a neuroscientist and is the Dorothea L. Leonhardt Professor at Rockefeller... more »

Fernando Rebelo

Fernando Rebelo is a Latin Grammy-winning recording engineer. more »

Fernando Roldán

Fernando Roldán is a Latin Grammy awarded recording engineer. more »

Fernando Vallin

Fernando Vallin is an audio engineer. more »

Finian Johnson

Finian Johnson was a nominee for the 2013 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Promotional... more »

Finn Bjørnseth

Finn Bjørnseth was a Norwegian novelist, poet and short story writer. He made his literary début... more »

Finn Ross

Finn Ross is a video and projection designer. more »

Flavio De Souza

Flavio De Souza is a recording engineer. more »

Flavio Senna

Flavio Senna is a Latin Grammy-winning audio engineer. more »

Florence Hall

Florence Hall was an American author. more »

Florencia Luna

Florencia Luna is a 2006 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

Florent Couao-Zotti

Florent Couao-Zotti is a writer of comics, plays, and short stories, who lives in Cotonou,... more »

Florian Kainz

Florian Kainz won the 1996, 2006, and 2010 Academy Award for Best Technical Achievement. more »

Forrest Murray

Forrest Murray is a film and television producer. more »

Fran Buss

Fran Buss is an author. more »

Frances A. Genter

Frances A. Genter was a major figure in American Thoroughbred horse racing. She is best known as... more »

Frances Harrison Hays

Frances Harrison Hays is a costume supervisor. more »

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