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Frank Olivas

Frank Olivas works in a film and television industries in a camera and electrical department. more »

Frank Pacelli

Frank Pacelli was an American television director and producer. more »

Frank Pitelka

Dr Frank Alois Pitelka was an American ornithologist. He was the 2001 recipient of the Cooper... more »

Frank Prieto

Frank Prieto was an editor Science-Fiction Times. more »

Frank Riley

Frank Riley was the pseudonym of Frank Rhylick, an American science fiction author best known... more »

Frank Rossavik

Frank Rossavik is a Norwegian journalist. Rossavik graduated from the University of Bergen in... more »

Frank Stettner

Frank Stettner is a sound mixer. more »

Frank Turbe

Frank Turbe is a sound editor. more »

Frank Van der Veer

Frank Van der Veer was a special effect engineer. more »

Franklin A. Long

Franklin Asbury Long was an American chemist notable for his activities in arms reduction as... more »

Franklin Ford

Franklin Ford is a 1952 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

Franz Fazakas

Franz Fazakas is a special effects director, muppets designer, and voice actor. more »

Franz Leopold Neumann

Franz Leopold Neumann was a German-Jewish left-wing political activist, Marxist theorist and... more »

Franz Wegner

Franz Joachim Wegner is emeritus professor for theoretical physics at the University of Heidelberg. more »

Franz-Ulrich Hartl

Franz-Ulrich Hartl is a German biochemist and Managing Director of the Max Planck Institute of... more »

Fred Boyd

Freddie L. Boyd is a retired American National Basketball Association player whose career lasted... more »

Fred Burnham

Fred Burnham is a sound mixer. more »

Fred Haro

Fred Haro is a visual effects artist. more »

Fred Hole

Fred Hole was an English art director. He was nominated for an Academy Award in the category... more »

Fred I. Greenstein

Fred I. Greenstein is a 1976 Guggenheim Fellow in Social Sciences. more »

Fred Knoth

Fred Knoth was an Academy Award winning special effects artist who was the longtime special... more »

Fred Korematsu

Fred Toyosaburo Korematsu was one of the many Japanese-American citizens living on the West... more »

Fred Lasswell

Fred Lasswell was an American cartoonist best known for his decades of work on the comic strip... more »

Fred Plaut

Frederick "Fred" Plaut was a recording engineer and amateur photographer. He was employed by... more »

Fred R. Myers

Fred R. Myers is a 1988 Guggenheim Fellow in Social Sciences. more »

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