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Krishnan Sasikiran

Krishnan Sasikiran is an Indian chess Grandmaster. Among Indians, he is third, after Viswanathan... more »

Krista Kelly

Krista Kelly is a Canadian model and actress. She was chosen as Playboys Playmate of the Month... more »

Krista McLean

Krista McLean is a digital effects supervisor. more »

Kristi Johns

Kristi Johns is an ADR supervisor and editor. more »

Kristian Elster

Kristian Elster was a Norwegian novelist, literary historian, theatre critic and biographer, the... more »

Kristian Pedregon

Kristian Pedregon is a sound mixer. more »

Kristijan Petrovic

Kristijan Petrovic is a title designer. more »

Kristin Emery

Kristin Emery is a scenic artist. more »

Kristin Mann

Kristin Mann is a 2002 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

Kristina Vogel

Kristina Vogel works in film and television in the make-up department. more »

Krzysztof Szpetmański

Krzysztof Szpetmanski is a film editor. more »

Kuldeep Sinha

Kuldeep Sinha is a film producer. more »

Kuldip Sood

Kuldip Sood is a film sound engineer. more »

Kung-Wing Fan

Kung-Wing Fan is a film editor. more »

Kurt Lamm

Kurt Lamm is an honorary award winner in German film. more »

Kurt Rohde

Kurt Rohde is a film score composer. more »

Kurt Stallmann

Kurt Stallmann is an American composer who lives and works in Houston, Texas. more »

Kusakabe Mototaka

Kusakabe Mototaka is a film editor. more »

Kwok Kuen Cheung

Kwok Kuen Cheung is a film editor. more »

Kwok-Kong Cheng

Kwok-Kong Cheng is a lyricist. more »

Kyle Abraham

Kyle Abraham is an American choreographer. He began dancing under the tutelage of the Civic... more »

Kyle Menke

Kyle Menke is an art director. more »

Kyle Toucher

Kyle Toucher is a CGI artist. more »

Kyle Yoneda

Kyle Yoneda is a visual effects animator. more »

Kyle Young

Kyle Young is a record producer. more »

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