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Kirstyn McDermott

Kirstyn McDermott is an Australian writer of speculative fiction. more »

Kishor Patil

Kishor Patil is a film producer. more »

Kishwar Desai

Kishwar Desai is an Indian author and columnist. Her latest novel The Sea of Innocence has just... more »

Kit Codik

Kit Codik is a 2013 JBF Awards winner for the Video Webcast, Fixed Location and/or Instructional... more »

Kit-Wai Kai

Kit-Wai Kai is a film editor. more »

Kitty Malone

Kitty Malone is a foley artist. more »

Kiyoaki Saitô

Kiyoaki Saitô is a film editor. more »

Kiyoshi Kakizawa

Kiyoshi Kakizawa is a Sound Department crew. more »

Kjell Heggelund

Kjell Heggelund is a Norwegian literary researcher, lecturer, editor, manager, lyricist,... more »

Klaus Clusius

Klaus Paul Alfred Clusius was a German physical chemist from Breslau, Silesia. During World War... more »

Klaus Dill

Klaus Dill was a painter. more »

Klaus Rifbjerg

Klaus Rifbjerg is a Danish writer. He has written more than 170 novels, books and essays. In... more »

Klaus-Dieter Lehmann

Klaus-Dieter Lehmann (* 29. Februar 1940 in Breslau) ist ein deutscher Bibliothekar und der... more »

Knut Ødegård

Knut Ødegård is a Norwegian writer. Born in Molde, Norway, Ødegård made his poetic debut in... more »

Ko Suet Nam

Ko Suet Nam is a lyricist. more »

Ko Tin Chow

Ko Tin Chow received the Professional Achievement Award at the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards. more »

Kolbein Falkeid

Kolbein Falkeid is one of the most widely read contemporary Norwegian poets. He is known for a... more »

Konda Krishnam Raju

Konda Krishnam Raju is a film producer. more »

Kong Chi-leung

Eric Kong Chi Leung is a film editor. more »

Konstantin Kröning

Konstantin Kröning is a Film Producer and Cinematographer. more »

Konstantin Zarin

Konstantin Zarin is a sound designer. more »

Kooster McAllister

Kooster McAllister is a recording engineer. more »

Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao

Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is an Indian film editor. In the industry many called him Chanti Garu... more »

Kris Kleindienst

Kris Kleindienst is a writer. more »

Krishna Kapil

Krishna Kapil was a film director. more »

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