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Robert Champion de Crespigny

Robert James Champion de Crespigny, AC is an Australian businessman. more »

Robert Cora

Robert Cora is a music producer. more »

Robert Cowan

Robert Cowan was an Irish colonial administrator and the East India Company's Governor of Bombay... more »

Robert D. Clark

Robert Donald Clark was an American university administrator. more »

Robert D. Mathieu

Robert D. Mathieu is an astronomer and science educator who works at the Center for the... more »

Robert David Port

Robert David Port is a film producer and film writer. more »

Robert DeBitetto

Robert DeBitetto is a film producer. more »

Robert Duffy

Robert Duffy is a film editor. more »

Robert Duncan

Robert Duncan is a film crew member. more »

Robert Dunn

Robert Dunn is a camera operator. more »

Robert E. Forsythe

Robert E. Forsythe is an American economist. He is the outgoing dean of the school of business... more »

Robert E. Gross

Robert Edward Gross was an American surgeon and a medical researcher. more »

Robert E. Myers

Robert E Myers aka Bob Myers was an American classical music record producer and artists &... more »

Robert F. Chandler

Robert F. Chandler was an award-winning horticulturalist who founded the International Rice... more »

Robert Feng

Robert Feng is an art director. more »

Robert Fernandez

Robert Fernandez is a film score mixer. more »

Robert Fizdale

Robert Fizdale was a 1981 Guggenheim Fellow in Creative Arts. more »

Robert Forget

Robert Forget is a film producer. more »

Robert Fowkes

Dr. Robert Allen Fowkes was a noted American linguist, specializing in Indo-European Historical... more »

Robert G. Bergman

Robert G. Bergman is a 1998 Guggenheim Fellow in Natural Sciences. more »

Robert G. Roeder

Robert G. Roeder is an American biologist. He is known as a pioneer in eukaryotic transcription... more »

Robert G. Vosper

Robert Gordon Vosper was an American educator and librarian who oversaw college libraries at the... more »

Robert Geisler

Robert Geisler is a graphic artist. more »

Robert Gomer

Robert Gomer is an Austrian scientist, known for his research on field electron emission and... more »

Robert Gorham Davis

Robert Gorham Davis is a 1971 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

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