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Reynold B. Johnson

Reynold B. Johnson was an American inventor and computer pioneer. A long-time employee of IBM,... more »

Rhona McGuirke

Rhona McGuirke is a costume supervisor. more »

Rhonda Silver

Rhonda Silver is a theatrical producer. more »

Ria Borzak

Ria Borzak is a 2013 Daytime Emmy Award winner. more »

Ric Marlow

Ric Marlow is an American songwriter and actor, best known for co-writing with Bobby Scott the... more »

Ricardo Ainslie

Ricardo Ainslie is a native of Mexico City, Mexico. His work is highly interdisciplinary in... more »

Ricardo Llorca

Ricardo Llorca is a Spanish-born composer of classical music and opera. A member of the... more »

Ricardo Rosales

Ricardo Rosales is a recording engineer. more »

Ricardo Saldívar

Ricardo Saldívar is a Sound Recordist. more »

Riccardo Giovanelli

Riccardo Giovanelli is an Italian born astronomer. He works as a professor of astronomy at... more »

Riccardo Pugliese

Riccardo Pugliese is a 2013 Golden Horn Award nominee for Best Art Direction in a TV Comedy. more »

Rich Breen

Rich Breen is an audio engineer. more »

Rich Murray

Rich Murray is a scenic designer. more »

Rich Rohrer

Rich Rohrer is a film art director. more »

Richard Aregood

Richard Aregood is a Pulitzer-prize winning writer. more »

Richard B. Primack

Richard B. Primack is a 2006 Guggenheim Fellow in Natural Sciences. more »

Richard Bauman

Richard Bauman is a folklorist and anthropologist, now retired from Indiana University... more »

Richard Besse

Richard Besse is a sound mixer. more »

Richard Betanzos

Richard Betanzos is a sound mixer. more »

Richard Bosman

Richard Bosman is a 1994 Guggenheim Fellow in Creative Arts. more »

Richard Brennan

Richard Brennan is a film producer. more »

Richard Callner

Richard Callner was a 20th Century American painter. His early work was related to the Chicago... more »

Richard Cardran

Richard Cardran won the Primetime Emmy Award with Celebrity Mole: Yucatan. more »

Richard Charles Theisen II

Richard Charles Theisen II is a composer. more »

Richard Clements

Richard Clements is a film score composer. more »

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